When you make plan to buy a quality oriental rug then you have to browse a lot of information about them. So that you can ask questions about rug quality and it’s making process. Many rug manufacturers offer custom oriental rugs online that can be made according to your choice.551

No matter from where you purchase the rug but the main question is occurs that how much time manufacturer will take to produce the rug. Because oriental rugs are pure hand knotted rug and the time of manufacturing can vary by its size. A standard size oriental rug takes up to 4 months to produce. Here are some tips that can help you to buy a perfect rug at affordable price.

Prefer buying a rug online
Online manufactures offer custom rug service at affordable price than a local manufacturer because competition is high in online market. Oriental rug cost is high than other rugs if you are looking for affordable one then online rug retailers are a good option.
Before placing the order you must ask the seller about material, rug count, production time and country. And also read their privacy, return policy, payment options and if you have any doubt then ask the manufacturer. Some retailers take some money advance before starting the rug production so you can ask them to send a swatch so you can check the quality of rug.

If you are in hurry then you can ask the rug manufacturer because they stock some oriental rugs. Watch some oriental rugs online.

If you are designing a rug that is expensive or a large rug then consider a rug manufacturer that at least has an experience of a decade in rug manufacturing. Because oriental rugs are not simple as other rugs, rug manufacturer must have the deep knowledge and he/she could work according to your guidelines.
First of all make a rough design of the rug then ask the rug manufacturer to send you a digital design. So you can check their designing capability after getting a satisfactory design you can ask the seller to send a swatch. It’s must to check rug quality before entire rug production because it’s a long time investment for you.

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