Hand-tufted rugs are most demanding rug among all area rugs because they are affordable as well as less time consuming rugs than knotted rugs. They make perfect addition to any space whether it is your home or office they can be customized according to your home interior. But every rug needs a proper care tom maintain its beauty for many years to come.


Cleaning on regular basis

First of all we recommend our customers to buy a rug pad along with the rug because its first step to give a proper safety to your rug. It will prevent the rug from sliding as well as internal floor damp. And it will make your rug more comfortable to kids because they rug on carpets and rug pad would stop sliding.

Rug Rotating

After that we suggest customers that don’t put the new rug in front of direct sunlight because fading can be occur. Best thing is that you should rotate the rug every month to avoid fading. Rug rotating also protect the rug from moths. For high traffic areas rug rotating is good option.

Shedding fibers

A new rug can shed the fibers up to 4 months so should vacuum the rug on daily basis so loose fiber comes out. Shedding is common causes so don’t take it seriously just vacuum the rug with high air pressure.  Don’t pull the fringes try to remove from scissor.

Stains clean up

If something spill out on the rug so try to clean that ASAP because wool fibers absorb the wet things very fast. If you don’t clean the stain immediately then it will become a strong stain and you will have to call a professional carpet cleaner.

Hand tufted rugs can be a good choice for your home interior if you maintain it properly. They are not expensive and available in various designs.

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