Casamero rugs offer personalized custom made rugs that can be made according to your own design or we can customize the rug design to match your interior.

With an extensive range of various designs in our design library along with various material options we help you to choose perfect rug of your choice. Our team of experienced designer also assists you by offering few samples before placing the final order.

Making a custom rug is more interesting than pre made rugs008 Br Bl Modern Rugs 300-2

With latest technology in design industry now we can create more sophisticated design by adding more design elements and different layers of complexity which was not available in past. This design technology creates more accurate renditions before producing a rug.

Designing a custom rug is not an easy task. Below are the basic steps involved in making a custom rug.

Rug Design: Designing is most creative part that needs a creative mind. Both abstract and soft patterns are used to make a rug design. Convert imagination into a sketch can be a tricky part. Once we create the design and rest part is easy.

Colors: Choosing the colors for the custom rug is the most zestful step. Most important thing is that now with rug design software, we can experiment with as many colors as possible. It is as simple as the click of a mouse button. With over 600 yarn colors in wool, silk, and natural fibers, choosing the right color is not difficult.

Rendering:  Designing software also helps us to figure out what the final product will look like after the production. Different materials like wool, silk, cotton will also affect the final colors, so selecting the materials is as important as choosing the colors.

Cross-off sample: A cross-off is usually a small sample of the custom rug which includes all the colors used in the custom rug. This gives us a sense of how the materials and colors look and feel on an actual rug. In some cases, it also provides us with a sense of the scale of the design. If you are happy with the sample, the custom rug is then approved for rug production; otherwise it’s back to the drawing boards.

Rug Manufacturing:  Once the sample is approved by customer for production, the manufacturing team begins the process of producing a custom rug.

The yarn is all hand dyed specifically for the custom order and the rug is produced according to design and size. The production time for a custom tufted rug is usually takes 4 to 8 weeks and production time may vary depending on quality and size. But they all follow the same process of production.