Interior designing is an art and it cannot be imagine without some home decorating accessories. Like beautiful wall hangings, decorative furniture’s, colorful curtains and more. Apart from this you need comfort into your home so we use some modern rugs that add comfort as well as style to your floor.


Why choose modern rugs

Modern rugs can be added into any space and they will perfectly fit into your bedroom, living room or outdoor area as well. Modern rugs have some striking as well as causal colors that easily match with the interior.

Modern hand-tufted rugs

Hand tufted rugs are affordable as well as they can be made in a short period time. You can also customize them according to your home interior requirement. Hand –tufted rugs you can find in any shape. In contemporary rugs you can find various designs or you can request to rug manufacturer to fabricate a rug with your own unique design. In modern type of rugs you can find floral, trellis and stripped patterns which are in trend these days.

Where to put modern rugs

You can use them according to your requirement, for high traffic area we suggest customers to buy a high pile rug with some dark colors. Always take proper measurement before ordering the rug. If you want to take an idea so you can use tape. Just stick the tape on that area where you want to put the rug then take the measurement.

Modern rugs comes in a variety like hand knotted and hand tufted, but hand knotted rugs can be costly then tufted rugs because they take more time in producing. They are pure handmade and made by knotting the yarn on the loom. Where tufted rugs are fabricated through a tufting gun and a standard size tufted rug fabricated in 4 to 8 weeks. And hand knotted rug take at least 3 months.

Where to buy custom modern rugs

We suggest customers to buy them online and better to find a rug manufacturer online so can get affordable price. Or you can also customize them according to your home interior.