Rugs are found in houses because they are an essential thing that have the power to transform your simple room into a luxury room. Rugs are amazing, they give warmth to the house and they also help in making a wonderful appearance. You can also customize the area rug according to your home decor needs. Choosing the right carpet for the right room might be a difficult task for you but all you need to do is a little bit of research and follow the tips that we are providing below –

Choose the right texturerosetta-rs10-floral-rug-brown-green-2

Rugs come in a wide variety and prices so if you are a person who loves change things and would love to recreate the appearance of the room very frequently, then you should definitely go for the synthetic, nylon and polypropylene rugs which are available at affordable prices.

You can also find many plant based fibres like jute, sisal and bamboo which could also look good. You can buy them if you want something unique but for a shorter period of time.

You can also go for the wool rugs if you want to set it up in an area which needs luxury floor covering and is also a very high traffic area.

Quality of Rug

Quality should be the first priority when you buy rugs. You can see when you go for quality you should get a rug which is hand knotted because they are the best, they are not just long lasting and you can easily check its quality and material that would survive for generations to come. Hand knotted technique is very old and it is only now that the machine and hand tufted are in business but the traditional pattern is best and is still used in high volume on all contemporary rugs. Remember when you check the rug, the more knots it has per square inch the better quality rug it would be.

Custom handmade rugs can be hand-tufted ones which are sometime machine made and some time handmade. Mostly they would also be written as handmade rugs but you need to learn how to check whether it is actual or not. On the back side of the rug you can see the pattern in the reverse side as well, you will know that it is a handmade because hand-tufted ones are not knotted together in a sequence.

Rug Size

Rugs are set up in a room so that it converts the room and enhance its look and feel. They are a focal point to the room. When you are placing a modern rug in your bedroom it should be big enough to have at least three feet of rug on the 3 corners of the bed which is exposed so that when you wake up and land your feet you should feel the comfort and warmth of it.

When placing a rug in the dining room, it should be large enough that the table and chairs are above the rug, even when the chairs are pulled out.

In the living room the front sofa legs should be above the rug and you should know that when furniture are half on the rug and half off the rug the room gives a very casual look and when all legs are above it the room looks formal, so it is upon you to present it the way you want.

Custom rugs are best options because you can easily get a rug according to your own choice. You can also choose texture and size of the rug according to your choice. If you want to know more about custom made rugs then visit our website –