Most interesting fact about rugs is that they are made through different techniques. From hand knotted to machine made, there are many techniques like hand loom, hand tufted, hand woven etc.

At some places rugs are traditionally made by their ancient technique which is called hand knotting. They mostly design the rug with traditional themes. Apart from hand woven rugs in some places rugs re made by machines and these rugs are cheaper than handmade rugs.

At last you can find vast variety of rugs to choose from. But you should research before buying a rug so you can choose a perfect rug for your home.

You should get some knowledge about hand knotted, hand –tufted, handloom and machine made rugs. Each rug passes through a unique manufacturing process. Here I am describing few ones –

Hand knotted rug is most durable rug among all rugs, it takes more time in production and this rug is manufactures by expert weavers. Major thing between weaving is human contact during the weaving of the carpet. A traditional hand knotted rug design also gives a message from one culture to another.  But these kinds of rugs are time consuming some are rugs prepared in 3 to 4 months and some rugs may take up to a year in production.

Hand tufted rugs are most demanding rugs since 1980.This innovative technique is invented to save time and this weaving technique helps weavers to produce tufted rug without tying knots. In hand tufting process weaver’s punches wool with a matrix material through tufting tool. After this process yarn is trimmed to make a pile and in the end an adhesive backing is applied on the back of rug to hold everything properly. Hand tufted rugs are less time consuming and that’s why they are more affordable than knotted rugs. Tufted rugs are also durable and produced by expert artisans and are available in various patterns.

After these handmade rugs we will talk about machine made rugs. History of machine-made rug is about 200 years old. In the beginning of 1800 century first mechanical loom was invented in France by Joseph Jacquard.  But the machine made carpet production began in 1840 on a large scale when an American inventor Erastus Bigelow invented a steam driven loom. And this steam driven loom gave a new edge to machine made carpets manufacturing. Now a single weaver could produce around 30 square yards of carpet in a day which was 7-10 yards before.

Rugs which are produced through machines are mostly copy of oriental rugs and these rugs are also available in contemporary designs and mostly produced using synthetic fibers.

Machine made rugs are largest selling rug at this time and widely produced in Turkey and Belgium. And after machine made, tufted rugs are on second position available in both modern and traditional designs.

Hand knotted rug is still a big fish in the ocean of rugs production.  They are most durable and luxurious among all rugs. A genuine Oriental rug can only be made by hand knotting and till now there is no substitute of this knotting technique.