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Want to buy a custom made rug but really worried if it would turn out as great as any designer rug? It is very normal to think twice before buying any custom ordered product because you will be investing so much of your time and imagination in the product which you have not seen yet and it is a hard time to keep on wondering if it would turn out as good as you thought. Let us today discuss how to minimize these risks and prepare ourselves to plan better and actually turn out your dream project to reality.

  • Do not ever invest in products that claim to be good in much cheaper price. Instead research the fabric and the way it is made either at a local rug making store or online. Always look for better quality products with proper professionalism. Check if they have a huge number if designs to choose from and what were the previous works they have already completed. Check if they have a catalogue or portfolio that would help you make your choice from.
  • Once you have decided to buy a custom rug, pick up a certain budget that you would like to spend on it. If you are not in a position to spend a lot then maybe it is not a right time to buy custom rug as a quality rug doesn’t come in cheap price. So, you can rest assure that a smaller size rug would cost you around 500-1000$ and a large size would come around 1000-5000$. The cost would depend on the complexity, fabric, size and pattern. The larger the rug is, more would be the price.
  • There are various online rug sites from where you can easily pick up a design or get an idea of how you want to your space to look like. When you find that perfect rug which suits you and your space then try capturing the image in a higher resolution. Now as you decide upon the idea, you can simply ask your custom rug maker to make that dream project of yours.
  • After deciding upon the design, you should also consider how to integrate it with your interior. What colour, fabric and pattern would you like or if you have a certain theme or which style would showcase your personality. Few of the styles that you might like and should look upon are Old World, Whimsical, Fancy, Tropical or Modern.

Easy Ideas For Home Decor

  • You don’t have to consider buying just one pattern for all of your room and that’s the best advantage of a custom rug as you can make different rugs for different room matching the interiors of the room and its style.
  • Do not go for too many complex designs as they might look fancy to you at first but they might not blend well with too many furnishers around the house. Also never opt for too many colours at the same rug as they only end up making the look too shabby and loud. Also if you think of buying a Persian rug, then go to one who supplies Persian rugs rather than going to a rug fabricator.
  • When you go to your custom rug maker, explain properly about the design you have in mind or share the design you had the inspiration from. Also discuss options as in how to implement the idea into your dream rug and always ask them to send you a detailed plan in writing about your design. Never deny paying extra if you want to implement few changes or extra artwork.
  • Always consider selecting your colour from the colour swatches as the colour that you see in the screen would not be similar to the printouts. It is nice to check the colour and design over the screen but never base your decision on it. You should always check the exact material and then decide. You can easily ask the rug makers to send you swatches for your final approval before ordering the final design.