Hand tufted rugs are most demanding rug these days. They come into a wide range of styles. They are affordable as well durable. Hand tufted rugs are normally known as latex or full cut pile rugs. They look like hand knotted rugs but there is a huge different between knotted and tufted rugs. If we talk about difference then hand knotted rugs take more time in production than hand-tufted rugs. Tufted rugs are made through tufting gun whereas knotted rugs manufactured by skilled artisans.earthy-decorating-ideas-tufenkian-carpets-1 copy

A quality well-made tufted rug made from quality wool, dyes and glue and it is a good option for modern interiors as tufted rugs offer a huge variety of colors, designs and styles that you can choose according to your home decor. Tufted rugs require a proper care and cleaning at proper time interval. The most common technique is vacuuming which is widely used to clean the rug. While vacuuming you must maintain the air supply and it should not against the rug it might be harmful for your rug. A newly hand tufted rug shed the fibers so you can vacuum the rug to remove these fibers.

As hand tufted rugs are made without tying knots, manufacturer use tufting gun to pushing wool yarn with backing. After this process latex is applied to hold these tufts and after that another foundation applied to cover final cloth to provide safeguard to carpet. The final step includes shearing threads of lopped tufts in order to create a pile. The pile’s height is considered by the amount of cut off yarn.

It is also crucial to note that tufted rugs need to be kept away from direct sunlight. To prevent them it is better to use curtains while you are not using that specific area when direct sunlight is coming on the rug. Apart from this, it can be useful to rotate the direction of the carpet frequently to protect its color from fading. Fading mostly occur because of heavy exposure of sunlight.

Hand tufted rugs are good option for savvy owners because they are cheaper in price than knotted rugs. And they can be made in a short time of period. Normally a standard size tufted rug takes 4 to 6 weeks to prepare. Tufted rugs can be customized into any size and design. It is better option to customize the rug instead of buying a rug that cannot fit perfectly into the space.

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