Based on the weaving  technique, there are  5 distict  rug constructionx – Hand Knotted, Tufted, Hand loom, Flatweave and Shags.  Each of the construction differ in costing, production time and suitability of the design in that construction. When you give the design,  our expert designers would advise you which rug construction will be most suitable for your design.    Once the rug construction is decided,  you can decide the material in which you would like to get made your rug.  The options are wool, silk, viscose, jute etc.   Following are detailed specification of the rug constructions:


Product: Hand tufted

Material: Wool, Viscose

Quality: Approx. 40 tufts in one sq. Inch

Width: Maximum width possible 12 mtrs, More can be done by joining during installation

Length: Maximum length 20 mtrs, More can be done by joing another rug during installation.

Time: Normal production time about 5 weeks. Quick production possible on request.

Wash: Professional wash