Act instantly to remove stains: Be known of the fact that there is no carpet which is stain proof however those that are stain resistant provides you ample of time to act. Always remember that when it comes to spot and stain removal the best solution at the nook of time is speed. Whenever unfortunately any stains or spill occurs do not panic and react immediately. You should instantly scoop up solids and bold liquids as soon as you can and then try to absorb as much liquid stain with a paper towel as practically possible. Do not use scrubbing lotion at the portion of stain and bolt it to prevent the portion from getting fuzzed. Stain Treatment You will need the following items for any accidental stains and spot cleaning. Please follow the chart listed below that explains which cleaning tool is to e used for which stain removal. Also remember that few of the stains might require professional help depending on the kind of stain it has attained. • (1) Cold Water • (2) Detergent solution. Mix one teaspoon of clear dish washing liquid with a cup of warm (not hot) water. • (3) Ammonia solution. Mix one tablespoon of clear household ammonia (3% solution) with ½ cup of water. • (4) Solvent. A dry cleaning solvent (available at grocery, drug, and hardware stores). Important note: Dry cleaning solvent should never be used on        polyester. Clean polyester with a solution of 1 cup cold water and 1 teaspoon of colorless dish washing liquid or use an all-purpose                        household spray cleaner or laundry pre-spray (such as 409 or Shout). • (5) Ice. Chill with ice cubes in a plastic bag. Shatter residue, pick or scrape off, and vacuum. • (6) Vinegar solution. Mix 1/3 cup of white vinegar with 2/3 cup of water. • (7) Warm water (not hot). • (8) Warm water (not hot). • (9) Clear nail polish remover (preferably acetone). • (10) Alcohol or methylated spirits mineral turpentine. • (11) Rust remover. • (12) Absorbent powder. (e.g., salt, talc, or proprietary absorbent powders). • (13) Absorbent cleaner. (e.g., Host).

 Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
  Alcoholic Beverages  1 2
  Bleach  1 3
  Blood  1 2
  Butter 4 2
  Candle Wax 5 4
 Chewing Gum 5 4
Chocolate 2 3 6
  Coffee 1 2 4
  Colas and Soft Drinks 7 2
  Cooking Oils 4 2
  Cream 2 4
  Egg 2
  Felt Tip Pen 7 2 8
  Floor Wax 4
  Fruit Juice 1 2
  Furniture Polish 4 2 3
  Gravy and Sauces 7 2
  Ink (fountain pen) 1 2
  Ink (ballpoint) 4 9 2
  Ketchup 7 2
  Lipstick 4 2
  Mercurochrome 2 3 6
  Milk 7 4 2
  Mustard 2
  Nail Polish 8 4
  Oil and Grease 4 2
  Paint (latex) 2 3 4
  Paint (oil) 9 4 2
  Rust 4 2 10
  Salad Dressing 2 4
  Shoe Polish 4 2
  Soot 4 2 3
  Tar 4
  Tea 1 2 4
  Urine (fresh) 1 2
  Urine (old) 2 3 6
  Vomit 2
  Wine 11 1 2
  Unknown material 4 12 2


Methods for Cleaning

No matter what type of stain your rug has attained or which cleaning method you will be using, one thing that you need to be sure of is that you should clean it up before it gets unsightly, so that your cleaning chore is easy as well as you become successful in the process. Each of the cleaning process is best for its particular requirement so check that you see to your needs and work accordingly. We have few important tips that would surely help you to select the right process for your carpet.

Dry Foam and Absorbent Pad A variety of machines can work upon the pile with fluffy detergent foam and once it dries up the residue can be vacuumed out. Though this method needs more amount of water it cleans the surface properly and the carpet dries fast. Remember that you do not over brush your carpet which may result into damage of some carpets.

Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction) When you use steam cleaning it would help extract the cleaning solution and soil well leaving very less amount of residue with minimum pile damage. This type of wash is being higly recommended for all type of carpets and it will be most effective when washed by any professional with the help of external hot water extraction unit. Remember not to use too much of detergent as it might damage the carpet. Do follow up with plain regular water by checking that you do not over wet the carpet. All professional cleanings need to be incorporated through carpet piloting or through grooming. You could take the help of professional pile lifter vacuum which is very much effective for restoring matted or ridged carpeting.

Dry Powder Through this process absorbent particles are being spread into the pile with the help of a machine and then it is removed by the help of a vacuum. This method does not use any water and you don’t have to be a professional to use this method. The cleaning process is immediate and it’s an easy do-it-yourself task. Remember that it might be difficult to remove the cleaning residue if you have a deep pile and it is not at all effective if your rug is heavily soiled or has matted areas in it. Caution: Methods and Products to Avoid If you are to clean your residential carpet then do not use the rotary brush wet shampoo method as it might damage the carpet. Also check before buying any do-it-yourself aerosol cans as many of them contain high quantity of residue which might cause rapid resoling in the carpet. Before purchasing any product take a taste on a scrap of carpet first so that you don’t end up damaging it. If you find the dried product to be sticky then avoid using it also do not use any product that has optical brightener or fluorescence in it.


Cleaning and Vacuuming Preserve your CASAMERO Investment CASAMERO craftsmanship is considered to be the best and for many our products turn to be a family heirloom that is passed down through generations. The key to retain the best of the product and maintain exquisite aging is through proper care and maintenance. Your investment in CASAMERO could be one best investment for generations to come through preservation and care. So while cleaning your rug follow the instructions and clean it regularly along with frequent vacuuming.

Dry Powder Dry powder is easy to use but remember that vacuuming would only remove the dry soil but your carpet is prone to other type of soiling as well like the oily soil from your cooking gas, grime tracked in from the streets or through the air pollution etc. These types of soils are very common to stick to your carpet and they could build up a layer of dirt in the fibres and with time they would make the carpet colour dull and dirty. So here even though the colour of your carpet is not lost but hidden inside the dirty film, when you try to remove those with heavy wash you end up damaging it. So do not let this type of soil to be accumulated in your carpet because they would stick to your rug fibre which would end up making your carpet matted or create ridges and most importantly it would attract too much of dry soil ultimately damaging it beyond limit. Remember to clean your carpet regularly so that such lustre of dust do not get stuck up and make your carpet dull as well as making it difficult to remove it. Keep your carpets from CASAMERO for generations by taking care and beautify your space.

Vacuuming Tips Even an ordinary residential carpet is prone to lots of abuse like pounding feet’s and dirty pet paws along with dirt, pollution and oily gas from cooking vapours so they always require frequent vacuuming along with periodic machine wash to remove the dry soils and also prevent the dirt from building up resulting in damage of your carpet. We have a few tips of vacuuming that would help you for effective use.

Vacuuming Tip 1 Do not let the soil bag to be overfilled for better equipment efficiency

Vacuuming Tip 2 Remember to vacuum across in traffic pattern once in a while rather than always following the traffic direction so that you prevent matting over the surface.

Vacuuming Tip 3 If you have placed your carpet in a room with light traffic then use vacuum at the traffic lines twice weekly and once over the entire area.

Vacuuming Tip 4 When placed in a room with heavy traffic vacuum the traffic lanes daily and twice the entire area.

Vacuuming Tip 5 When you have carpets that has high pile or is blended in wool or if you have the premium soft carpet then follow the following features that would help you to maintain the carpet easily:

• Adjustable height: Go for the highest settings whenever it fits well • Adjustable Fan speed: Go for a medium or a low setting where required • Large wheels always lets the appliance to glide easily across the carpet

Vacuuming Tip 6 Make sure that the vacuum belt is intact and working properly and that the beater of it is rotating properly when it makes contact with the carpet surface. Check if the height adjustment is proper and right when you use the beater to contact with the pile and it is enough to be far enough from the carpet by several inches yet near enough to cause the motor to spin significantly.

Vacuuming Tip 7 Those carpets that come with looped textures should be vacuumed with suction in order to avoid damage of the loops. Till three passes of the machine works fine for those of light soiling but for heavy soiled areas you would require passes till five or seven.. Carpet Care When you bring home a fine custom made carpet to adorn your space the very first rule is to enjoy the beauty of the product and only then comes the part where you need to take proper care of it for longer use. When you buy a carpet from Superior Interior at first glance you might have the notion that it is delicate but we assure you that with us you have very less things to worry about. Even today we receive fan letters and appreciation from people who have bought our products during 1928 when Marshall Field’s company started CASAMERO. Our carpets beauty has grown since then and has still retained its best f quality with the passing years. Our products are made only out of the finest man-made and natural fibres and most of them are 100% worsted wool which is really easy to maintain and take care of. All you need to do after purchasing carpets from Superior Interior is to follow few maintenance guidelines and enjoy its beauty for years. Regular Maintenance and Care Suggestions CASAMERO The first and foremost thing that we recommend to every customer of ours is that you need to buy a carpet pad to be laid beneath your regular which would keep it intact in the place you have set it and also would keep it from damaged through premature wear along with helping it to retain its originality till years. Our dealers would help you through the selection of the best according to your requirement. The next important thing is that you need to rotate the carpet at regular interval so that over the years few portion of it do not shed colour or get faded because of the traffic lane or through sunlight exposure. The best way to remove everyday dirt and dust is to vacuum it regularly and remember that you should take special care for portions in the fringe area because sometimes when you vacuum with a beater bar it might pull and tear the fringe causing it to wear off or separate. If you have bought a carpet recently than it is recommended to vacuum it at least two to three times in a week which will help remove any kind of excessive fuzz that might get accumulated on the carpet surface. The fuzzing on the surface is perfectly normal and isn’t an issue for shortening the life of your carpet. They are only loose fibres that are created while the carpet is being weaved. After your carpet gets a year old the vacuuming depends upon your time and amount of traffic created over the carpet. The areas that have high frequency of travel needs to be vacuumed often so that you keep the soil from being accumulated. Professional Cleaning If you want to clean your carpet through professional services we recommend you to send it to only the reputable professionals who have experience in cleaning carpets of superior quality. When your superior interior carpets appear too dirty or have set-in stains do not try for the do-it-yourself and sent them to professionals carpet cleaners. Immediate Action on Spills Those that are made of natural wool fibre shed liquid spills so you need to take instant action in order to prevent permanent stain. Follow the given guided action to prevent stains from staying out:

Action 1

Do not rub over the spill which might end up making the spill go deeper into the fibres and instead spoil the nap of the carpet

Action 2

Remove the solid spills with the help of a spoon or with a blunt knife until and unless the spill is of latex paint where you need to work from the edge of the stain and go inwards and in the process scarp towards the direction of the pile if possible. Those latex paint that might solidify when rubbed should be washed or rinsed with water and then the place should be blotted with paper towels or napkins.

Action 3

The paper or napkin used for absorbent should be pressed gently upon the stain and the process should be repeated until the moisture is totally or as much as possible absorbed.

Action 4

Add a small amount of carpet shampoo or mild dish washing liquid and pure white vinegar with lukewarm water and apply if it contacts to any residual stain.

Action 5

If the stain is not removed with water then you should go for solvent but do remember that before applying any solvent you should always test the effect it would have on the carpet by applying a few drops in an unseen area or at the corner of the carpet and then bolt that area with the help of a napkin or paper towel. You should also go through the manufacturer’s suggestion list and apply it accordingly.

Action 6

Apply solvent at the area of stain directly and work upon it gently with the help of a spoon. Blot the area gently and quickly with a paper napkin or towel until most of the moisture is absorbed. Repeat the process again till the stain is totally removed and see that the area is not over wetted. If the area is over wet it might result in forming of rings on the carpet and few of the solvents might end up damaging the latex-coated backings that are being used for the production of our Chaumiere carpets.

Action 7

If in case the solvent is also not helpful to remove the stain you could use another method. For greasy stains place an absorbent paper upon the stain and then iron the paper for a few seconds which will soften the grease on it and help the napkin paper to absorb the stain.

Action 8

Never walk at the area of the carpet which is moist after cleaned as that might distort the pile. You could also use a hair dryer so that the moist spots is dried up early.