Signs of Quality

It is always overwhelming to make round in the market checking for the best quality carpet from amongst the huge collection. You might often be misled by the retailers while comparing a woven tufted carpet with a cut-pile to loop. So while making purchase you need to check few of the identifiable signs of quality that would help you in making the right purchase.


When you are checking the label of the rug also notice the backing of it and make sure that it has a tight weave which will help you ensure the quality and wear of the carpet.


Most of the rugs have the stain-resistance treatments applied whil

e weaving like our CASAMERO’s Solutia and Stainmaster has which will help you in the cleaning process later on. if you are going for wool material it is not so much of a matter as it isnaturally soil resistant which makes it less maintainable and do not require further treatment.


Carpets are mostly either woven or they are tufted. A carpet that is being weaved is of superior quality as it locks each yarn into the backing which in turn creates a carpet that is durable. Tufted carpets usually are less expensive than those weaved as they are made easily and in a faster process.

Pile Density

The pile density of the rug means the amount of pile yarn that is being used while making the carpet and how close is the weave. When the pile is denser it means it will provide better performance. While examining the carpet take the face-pile and bend it away from you to check the backing and if the weaving is dense then the backing will be less visible.

Face Weight

Face weight refers to the amount of fibre that is being used upon the surface of the carpet and shouldn’t be confused with the total weight. Face weight is the ounces per square feet and total weight is the face weight plus the backing weight. Do not ever buy a rug that has a very high face weight and along with it check for other qualities like the fibre, density and the weave which are equally important. Remember that a lighter weight woven carpet would perform less than a higher weight tufted carpet.


Usually the carpets fibres are being twisted together so that it has a harder wear and also a clear defined look. The carpet will perform longer if the twist is tighter.

Selecting A Carpet

It is your personal choice to select the right patter, texture and colour of the carpet and we at CASAMERO would only help you by narrowing down the choices through practical designs and a refine decorative advice.

The first thing to do before deciding is to ask a few questions to yourself like how formal is your room, will the carpet be installed to décor your room or to define your decorating scheme, which colour would suit the room and your taste, what shapes of the rug would look best in the room etc. Keeping those answers and ideas in mind we will help you dig deeper to explore into the world of colour, textures and pattern. We have a list of valuable advice for you on each topic along with pictures of room and measuring tips plus custom sizing options as well for you:

Make color work for you

Colours speak volumes and also are mediums to show your personality. It can also be complex sometimes as it is elusive but the look and feel of a room can be changed just by few vibrations of colours splash. Your room is bonded together by colours of its different entities and you could also say that it is a pivotal element that can make a room beautiful or destroy its presence completely.

Floor covering accounts to near about 30% of the room’s colour which is why it plays a very vital role in determining the decorating plan of the room. If your room is such that

the carpet area would act as a dominating element than you need to choose patterned carpet that has distinctive colour combinations. Use any shades from the colour of the rug to choose your paints and accessories to make it look more appealing and then carry the theme to the adjacent rooms.

If your carpet will not be playing dominating role in the room then keep the shade fairly neutral. It could still be patterned with subtle tones that would complement your furnishers along with the fabrics used around the room. If your carpet is going to be a backdrop for any other furnishing in the room than select a textured rug with a colour that is slightly lighter or else darket than the colour of the walls as it would help blend in with the décor of the room.

The power of pattern

When it comes to pattern it is upon your personal choice to select the best and the right one. You could go from traditional to contemporary but everything depends upon how it would make you feel. The decoration of your room always denotes the personality of the owner.

Usually the patterned rugs always bring an aura of richness and intimacy to the larger areas along with an instant touch of personality and character letting you to create your own creative style. A carpet with the pattern of a traditional floral design would conjure up an English country garden while an abstract pattern would showcase a modern and solemn look. It is always tricky to mix patterns together and one mixed pattern would succeed only when its colour, texture and mix would complement each other.

A fine touch of mix complementary patterns would verge out an excellent defining space. You can use such ideas to create conversation areas in large rooms or in separate dining areas. You can also use them under dining area and do not be afraid of the risk of spills as patterned carpets are best to hide away spots and stains with its layers of colour.

Add texture to your floor

You could use colours that help you achieve drama and impact but textures are best when you want to elevate the room that lacks pattern. Textures are always the feel one get while you touch it and every entity in your room makes a contribution to the texture. Something somewhere might be rough while another thing would be smooth; all gives something to the feel of the room. When a room is decorated with glossy paints in bold colour, has chrome furniture along with some stale slate flooring it would be best described as cold and rough and if it has light shades and colourful furniture it would be warm cozy texture that shows off comfort.

You can balance the look of a room by blending the right texture. You can complement our CASAMERO carpet with cool surfaces like leather, stone structures or glass. You can pair your rich wall colour to blend in warmth into a room that is deprived of sunlight by adding our Superior Interior Woolcheck heather collection.

Size Guide

A room without a carpet mostly appears very unwelcoming and unfurnished. When you place a carpet in a room it rejuvenates the room giving it a luxury touch mostly when it has the contribution of high standard craftsmanship along with the perfect blend of colour pattern and texture. A carpet could lend the room a welcoming touch making you comfortable and add a touch of your personality.

Buy a good quality handmade rug instead of a tufted rugs as it not only look better and sophisticated but it will last longer than the tufted. The most important thing is that you need to fall in love with your carpet because it is not curtains or cushions that can be changed when you get bored but is going to stay there for generations to come. So you should get one that gives you a feeling of happiness every time you set eyes on it and so attached that you don’t want to get away from it.


When you go to buy a carpet first try to understand the purpose and need of the rug before choosing it. Get it right that it is one that is a statement piece that would décor to your room or it is one that would only have to blend in with the space with neutral design and tranquil appearance. Would you like the carpet to appear as being a complementing factor that unifies your room or define only a particular space of the room? When you want to distinguish the room into varied sections then choose from a number of carpets with different designs for separate sections of the room that would add variety and beautify it.

Get a carpet with the largest size possible as that would give a generous and a very calming effect to your setting. It is always wonderful to place furniture’s on a carpet as it gives it a luxurious touch and also a feel of flowing space.

A smaller size carpet might sometimes look bitty and mean when place in the wrong space. One solution for it is to buy a rug that would sit within the furniture and just in front of the chairs and the sofas. The setting here would be such that it will be slightly longer than the furniture as well as wider plus it would not even be too far away from the seating place.

Living Room

When you are planning to unify the room and its entities then a large carpet will do the work effectively. Leave sufficient amount of extra space surrounding the furniture as it make the area less perched on the edges of the carpet.

The furniture like sideboards or cupboards should be kept away from the carpet as they completely destroy the setting and appearance.

Dinning Room

Place a large size rug in the dining room as it will deaden the sound in the room and also bring a subtle look to the colour pattern and the texture of the room. Place the carpet in proportion to the table and it should be larger than the table with sufficient space should be there even after you pull the chair out or sitting comfortably without the back legs of the chair coming out of the carpet. The minimum size allowed here in 75cm and the normal ideal size is 1.50m larger than the size of the table in all direction.

While selecting rug for the dining hall remember that the centre of it would be covered up by the table so concentrate on a design that has intricate patterns on the border mostly.


When you place a rug in the bedroom it should be best placed underneath the bed and the framing of the carpet should stop short of the side tables which would allow the carpet to be underfoot whenever you step out of bed.

Another alternative is to place smaller sized carpet on either side of the bed to give you the feel and mood.

When it comes to a hallway it is usually best to go for the custom made pieces as that would help you create a carpet that would cover the precise dimension of the hallway. We also deal in runners of varied designs from which you could choose.

Staircases & wall-to-wall

If you want carpets for your staircase runners or wall-to-wall carpet then you could select some hand-knotted carpets with proper care and planning. Do remember that here the installation should be carried out only by a specialist carpet fitter. It is essential that you order a carpet that is slightly bigger in size than your allotted space in all direction as that would allow proper fitting. Feel free to contact our design team if you are looking for a wall-to-wall carpet.

Fitting into a well or recess in the floor

If you want a carpet for the recess in the floor then you should buy one that is larger in all direction as it is very much essential to see that the pattern would be cropped well. For any further assistance please contact us.

Custom Sizing

Our CASAMERO rugs can be custom made as well as custom sized according to your room size by our hand seaming workshop as our artisans are specially trained for it. We have always provided very strong seam that would last for decades and has the warranty for 20 years like any original carpet.

Most of our following collection can be custom sized: Antigue Legends, Ashara, Samovar and Original CASAMERO. We also provide consultation and quotes to the custom made carpets by our CASAMERO retailers.