Custom rug has always been an added essence of any interior decoration. Whether you want your home to stand out from the rest of the world or you want your perfect furnishers to blend in with the flooring, custom rugs has always been that finishing touch to your home. You may have the notion that furnishers are the best element that could enhance the room but at times they fail to bring that perfect element magic to your décor. But with custom rugs you have the perfect opportunity to give your room that aesthetic touch with varied design concepts and styles. Whether you get the inspiration from a designer forum or you are passionate about home décor or you wish to add an architectural feature to it, custom rugs are always the perfect answers for all your design related worries.


Custom rugs can be converted into any shape, style, design or size. Artisans who make the hand knotted rugs are skilled from ages and they can carve and size of area rugs of your choice and desire. Artisans can curve added depth to the design and also create a 3- dimensional effect to it with additional texture if you want them to. Rugs are usually made out of wool but with the passing time craftsmen have started using various different fibres according your demand and budget. You can also add highlights to your rug by asking them to add rich and luxurious fibres like silk or viscose to add extra appeal to the piece.


There are also people whose budget has no bar and they easily opt for carpets which are completely made of silk and they also prefer for the hand-knotted rugs which is a very expensive process that takes too much time. But regardless of how much time it takes, hand-knotted rugs are always better than any type of other rugs. Such type of rugs stays perfect for ages turning them to family hand looms that could be passed down till generations.


The best and the most attractive benefit of a custom rug is that you have the opportunity to make your dream home come true within a fraction of cost you might have paid for a designer rug. You can select the fibre from hoards of others and reputable traders dealing in custom rugs have a wide variety of colour box from which you can select. Usually hand-tufted rugs are prepared at India and Nepal where skilled weavers and artisans have been following the practice of preparing area rugs since ages. They will easily take around 10 to 12 weeks to complete one rug as the complete rug is made with knots. There are specialists who also provide priority service by delivering your carpet right at your home for an extra fee.