We all love the feel and touch of wool; let it be a winter sweater, cashmere or a rug beneath our feet. The soft touch makes us fall in love with it and when we feel it underneath our feet as we walk we just couldn’t stop admiring the quality of craftsmanship, its exquisite detailing and the beauty of it. Handmade rugs have always been an attraction and the kind of enhancement it provides to a room is just mystical but when they are made in soft wool with intricate designs and hand knotted it’s just mesmerizing and luxurious.


Custom contemporary rugs have always been a part of the needed essence of a room because they have the modern touch in it and they are the best in quality than any other rugs one can find in the market. They are always that sprinkle of magic which help anchor the décor of any space. When these rugs are made in wool the quality and its value just increases when higher quality wool are used to make them and they definitely turn out to be antique heirlooms families carries along since generation. They are not just pieces of mastery that adds beauty but they have very minimal care as well. They are the best for usage in areas which is prone to higher traffic and the best thing is you need to only clean it by soaking it in water after 20-30 years to make it look completely new again.

Custom rugs are timeless pieces that is the best option when you want to cover your flooring with something exquisite and many a time people just fall in love with its look, color, style and feel exactly the same way they fall for a piece of art like song, a poetry or a pottery. The best thing about it is that it becomes the limelight of your house along with reducing the noise pollution and also acting as an inductor during cold winters.

The best thing is that rug gives the room exclusiveness along with the size, shape and design and you have the freedom to decorate spaces accordingly. It brings color to some room and in some it brings the warmth and cosines one should feel. Another good thing about them is that you can always customize rugs according to your wants and the theme of your room so that it reflects the contemporary designs of your house and also turns out to be an investment for lifetime.