Handmade rugs usually have irregularities in it because they weaved by humans and are made one at a time. You will hardly find any similarities in the custom handmade rugs and there are hardly any rugs which are exactly identical. The variations in the handmade rugs tell much about the quality and creativity of a craftsmanship.

custom rugs

Wrinkle- When custom rugs are set-up in between soft surface and hard object, like between a wall to wall carpet and a coffee table it might get wrinkled. Most of the times the rug starts creasing from the edges towards the center and eventually the wrinkle becomes permanent spoiling the rug indefinitely. It is not a defect of the rug which is why you cannot even replace it but have to just throw it. We do not say that you cannot place your rug in this pattern, but you need to take special care like setting up rug pads along with it so that it would help minimize the effect of wrinkle though it is next to impossible to just stop the wrinkle in any way as it is a law of physics and a problem that cannot be easily prevented.
Fading- Usually all reputed companies used high quality dye while coloring the yarn but there is no yarn that will not shade off few colors and is totally fade proof. All custom area rugs will shade off colors depending upon the amount of traffic and the exposure of sunlight. Fading isn’t a manufacturing defect and with time every rug is going to fade a little, you just need to maintain it by vacuuming and cleaning them regularly so that it doesn’t wear off earlier than it should.

Shedding- When you bring home a new rug, you might notice few shedding of fiber for the first few months but do not be scared or worry that you brought home a cheap and fake piece. When you try vacuuming you might even notice that the vacuum bag is filled with this fiber but it is totally normal and would happen only for the first few months. This happened because there are few yarns which are not knotted properly and are being removed when used and with each vacuuming the amount of such loose yarns will grow less and finally stop. It will be normally more noticeable when the rug is prone to higher traffic but still it is totally normal and isn’t any manufacturing defect.
Shading and watermark- You may have noticed it already if you have run down several stores to check the perfect area rug for your house then you must have already seen that almost every rug has watermarking in it. This is not a manufacturing defect like you might think it is but it is only caused because of a slight change in direction while making the pile which is why it makes the light reflect different and you see the shading. It is similar to what you can see in any velvet fabric and it is an inherent feature of a cut pile carpet.
Sprouting- This is something that occurs when you can see loose yarn or small tufts above the surface of the carpet. When you see sprouting above the surface of your carpet the first thing you need to keep in mind is that you see that the beater bar of the vacuum is not set too low. When you happen to see any loose yarn or loop pile or tufts above the surface while cleaning do not pull it loose as it may make the loops of the rug loosen up. Such loose yarns are common and are not any manufacturing defect; you can simply cut the loop from above so that it doesn’t looks uneven.
Pile crush- when you place furniture over a carpet for longer period of time indentation occurs over the area and they can be removed easily with the help of an edge or a coin by rubbing over the depressed area. You can also try to moisture the part gently with steam iron and brush them off smoothly.