Indian rugs are unique and while in the market, you will see various different kinds of carpets and each with a uniqueness of its own. Each carpet made in India is made of a unique technique with styles and designs which varies from one another. Though the carpet making tradition of India is not as old as the Persians or the Turkish but still it has much kind of rugs which you will find here. Each has a resemblance with the region where it is being made and tells a story of its own. Though there are various different technique of carpet making, few which are most commonly practiced can be explained thoroughly:

  1. Hand-knotted rugs: This is a very old and very common technique but still this is theNZ standard method which is practiced all over the world. This old technique was brought to India by Mughals and is one method that gives the rug a unique rich and aristocrat appeal. The craftsmen who knew this technique were supported by the ruling class which is why they were the ones that were used by the royals. In the initial stages the patterns and styles in this hand knotted carpets were lot more similar to Turkish and Persian carpets but with time the patterns and designs changed to Indian styles with more touches of Indian custom and style in it. The technique used in the Indian carpets has a lot of resemblance with the Kashmiri art.
  1. Hand tufted rugs: This is a technique which is largely used nowadays, it is partly handmade and partly machine made but it is not as authentic and long lasting as the hand knotted one. This technique has a style of its own, here the carpets has its pile injected to a backing material with a tufting gun or needle and then the pile is bonded to a secondary backing cloth using a latex solution. The latex on the back provides the pile and the carpet the needed stability. After that another third backing of cloth is being used and the end design is being made finishing the work. This kind of tufted rugs can be produced with loop pile and also with cut pile. Hand tufted rugs are available in modern as well as traditional style.


  1. Hand woven rugs: This is a technique which was first used by nomads for their everyday uses. Earlier every woman in the family used to know carpet making but with time it changed to a profession. This technique of carpet making is broadly known as flat weave carpets and they are actually traditional Persian carpets which with time evolved and became famous around the world. The quality of a flat weave carpet can be judged with the tightness with which it is being made and the density of the knots used to make it.


We use all these above weaving techniques to make the rugs. We also offer custom rug service to provide rug into customer’s size, style and patterns.