There are multiple rules and guidelines that you see when you are researching about buying the best custom made rugs for your home. Other than following the rules or bending them a little you can also go for customized rugs with weird patterns or sizes that would look amazing with the obscure room size. You can also make wall hangings with rugs and it would make your room look different and unique but the main thing is that you should know what look best and what would wouldn’t. Always see that you get the room dimension properly and go through catalogs or take expert professional guidance while you want to make few bends to the rules so that you don’t end up making your room look like a child’s art.

custom area rugs

Rule 1- dining table rugs should always be big enough that it doesn’t just cover the table but has enough space even after the chairs are pulled out. There should be at least about 24 inches extended around the chair as then it becomes easier to maneuver the chairs. It keeps the back legs of the chair on top of the rug even when it is being used befalling you from accidents or tripping over. This can be difficult if you have a standard rug but now with the companies having facilities to make customized rug you can easily get the right dimensions of the table and prepare it accordingly.

Rule 2- runways or hallways are the perfect place for runners, try arranging for separate runners placed together one after another rather than going for one which is longer by length. It is always advisory to cover the walking area and most importantly you should see that it covers the whole walk way because you don’t want someone to trip while walking, especially children. Also use rug pads in the runways when you are using separate runners in a long line because of safety as well as comfort and that they don’t get displaced and cause any accidents. It is preferable that the rug should be wide enough that both feet fall upon the surface of the rug while you are walking.

Rule 3- One standard rug for the whole room is a décor that has been used since long and it is a formal setting but if you want to make your space look really ravishing and chic then you should definitely go for custom rugs in varied designs and styles. Bring in multiple rugs for your living or drawing room and set them accordingly as it would bring in vibrancy, color and a touch of freshness to the room. This looks very much prominent for rooms which are bigger in size and there is only one sitting arrangement. You could also buy two separate rugs of different design if you have a large room and there are two sitting arrangement in the room so that each corner has its own taste and beauty yet look different from one another.

Rule 4- bend the rules at times and see that the world looks better than before, with all this rules sometimes making a room look unique and different is a hard task. Try mix-matching the décor of your by going for some contrast colors like dark rugs and lighter shade of wall paint or darker wall shade and lighter color rugs. This would not just make the room look casual yet cool but also very distinguished.