Rugs have been a traditional handloom for royalties since years and it has its own varied kinds and qualities. Each of them has their own unique qualities and factors that are distinguished from others. These factors could be tiny yet these same factors impact a lot upon the value of the rug and its prices. Other than the quality of the wool used and the pattern in which it is being made, weaving technique has a very unique essence to it which determines in a lot of way the weightage of the rug. There are three different techniques that are being used around the world and each of them brings about some uniqueness into the table. If you are going to make a purchase of some abstract custom area rugs it is important that you know about this techniques and what you are going for before you make your purchase.
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Machine made technique

The very first technique that nowadays is very common is machine-made. These are very smooth and they tend to have a very flat nap and you will find very less colour variation in this type of rugs. Though they are quite functional and are also creative all the time but they are not long durable like those of handmade and are also less expensive. They are not made one at a piece but produced at bulk with similar pattern and design found in many which is why they are never considered as piece of art and creativity. You can always go for them if you want them at the patio which is outside the confines of the interior or places which are more prone to dirt. You can always distinguish a machine made rug from a handmade one by checking the fringes as they are smoother and will be sewn onto the rug, also the knots seen in the rug would be very clean without any breakages.

Hand tufted technique

The second technique of making rugs is the hand-tufted ones which for your general information is not a handmade rug. Do not misunderstand had-tufted with hand-made because they are completely different. It is actually a technique where a mechanized gun is being used to shoot different pieces of wool into the rug through a canvas backing. It is completely different and if you can examine properly you will see that the knots here are not being tied but instead they are being painted upon the run with the help of rubber backing. Though it will look similar to the machine-made or handmade rugs but on closer inspection you can see that the hand-tufted ones would give way because of its rubber backing which generally cannot be found in a handmade one.

Hand-made technique

This is the third technique and one which has been maintained and practiced since ages. In this days there are very less experts found who do weave this type of rugs because they are very time consuming and hard-work. The whole rug is being made by hand without use of any machine which is why it is of the most auspicious quality and one which can be clearly mentioned to be an art of creativity. They are also the most valuable and expensive rugs that one can find in the entire world and people carry them along like family heirloom for decades. These rugs are totally unique from each other and each of them has its own distinguished art of work. When you examine it closely you might often find the touch of personality of the artisan and could relate with its beauty. Weaving rugs is an ancient art and now many are following suit and learning this year old process. It has a unique way of its own where the wraps and wefts of the rug is its backbone. You can see that here the knots are hand-tied horizontally row after row to create the kind of design you want. The knots are then interlaced by a series of wefts and you can often see that the knots are uneven here and there. The appearance and the beauty of the rug are determined here by the colour used, its way of knots and the thickness of the yarn. If you are going for a rug which would bring aristocracy and luxuriousness to your room then this should be the rug you should go for even though it is expensive.