Finding the perfect rug for your home is a really difficult task and when you are a retailer selling rugs, it is really hard work to guide every other customer all day to find that perfect rug which would not just enhance the interiors of their home but also should fit in perfectly. Retailers ask the customers a lot of questions like, where would the rug be placed, what is the size of the room, what are the colours of the interior décor, what is the colour of the wall, what type of traffic is it going to witness, why they want to install a rug, whether for warm up or to make the space look bigger or as a focal point for the décor, whether they are looking for installing multiple rugs or a single rug etc. Along with the questions from the retailers, even customers have millions of questions they want to ask the makers. Here we are going to share with you few very important questions that you always wanted to know or you should definitely know if you are a new customer.

  • Colour– Matching and selecting the right colour is important but do not waste too much of your time in matching the perfect rug colour with your interiors. It doesn’t just come up out of the blue if you keep on searching; too much of choices would only make you select a colour that looks too artificial. Designers often use an old trick when they are renovating a room or especially when they are decorating it from scratch; they use the rug as the focal point and bring in furniture and other accessories blending them with the rug colour. Usually people are scared to bring in the bold colours as they are not sure how good it would look. If you are scared to use bold then start small like bringing in a tribal rug of bold colours as the beginning. These bright rugs matches with everything placed around them and with time you will know which is the colour that would be best for you and then with that colour choice you can go ahead. When you bring in a rug that has lots of coloursas well as design elements in it then it becomes easy for you to pick few colours from it and bring in the rest of the stuff.

Colour plays a very important role in creating the perfect illusion, like a dark tone would make the objects around look smaller while a light tone would make the things around look bigger thus faking the size of the room as well. When you have a small space go for light tone as it would make your room look bigger and brighter.

Sometimes you may get hung on the colour matching criteria, trying to bring in the exact shade match. When this doesn’t happen you end up getting frustrated. You shouldn’t get to that zone; try to relax because shades do not always match exactly. There are so many similar hues that one can easily get puzzled so it’s okay to stick with a similar hue and make it work wonders to your room. For example you may have a bouquet full of poppies and even though they are from the same plant, the hues would be different. Believe us colour is your least problem when it comes to decorating your home.

  • Rug size– The most common mistake that people do is bringing in the wrong size rug; either they end up bringing one that is too small or one which is bigger than required. When the size of the rug doesn’t match well, the setting looks imperfect and then no matter what elements you bring in, it still looks unsettled. Also if a rug is larger or exceeds the edges of your sofa then it can make a room look larger than it is. Placing a small rug would make rest of the assets around the room look out of scale so bring a rug that would set the ground.

  • Mixed rugs– If you have a large size room or you have just moved in to an open floor apartment then bringing in more than one rug is an easy choice of distinguishing the spaces. When you try to mix in two or more rugs it often gets difficult to choose the right colour and pattern. You can always go for oriental rugs and combine them with any kind of other rug as often has similar sensibility and pattern which makes it easier to match them with other patterns and the ideas do not clash as well. Try going for a common dominant colour and the rest you can mix as much as you want, just don’t go overboard.

When you put two rugs in the same area it generally to generalize the area without any kind of divider and they don’t have to match with each other but need to complement each other well. Also there is no design rule that they need to be put in the same direction, you can put them according to the room plan.

  • Rugs as warmers– Though rugs are generally installed to be the focal point of décor in the room, it is also to make you feel warm and comfortable. When you have a wooden or tile flooring it tends to get cold under foot, especially hallways where there is less light and always a bit dark. They are great warmers for your cold feet mostly during winters and are best when you have toddlers in the house.

  • Material Matters– While purchasing a rug you should always check the kind of material you would like to bring in your home. There are few high quality yarns like wool which are naturally soft and have a high resistance to soil which is really good when your rug area will be witnessing too much traffic. Wool has an outer layer that can trap the dust in the upper surface and stops the dirt from entering inside which makes it better for maintenance as well by vacuuming.

Also when you choose wool, you should have a good knowledge about it as well because there are different grades of wool. When the wool is from sheep that stays in high altitude they tend to be finer and silkier. Also wool made from young and healthy sheep also tends to be of very good quality. Woollen rugs works great as natural filter trapping in the allergens like pollution and dust and let you enjoy a dust free breathing zone. Unlike the synthetic or nylon rugs which have chemicals in it woollen rugs are non-allergic and great when you have kids around.

  • Rug as welcome mat– Putting a rug on the entrance with custom message are great way to welcome your guest. If you are a company owner then you should in fact make some custom rugs with the logo of your company or good messages and gift them to your clients as souvenirs.
  • Important Shopping Hacks- When you go shopping for rugs, take with you the swatches and fabrics or the flooring samples that you are going to use like tile, wood or carpeting etc. When you have the right swatches or know the kind of flooring you would be installing it becomes easy for you as well as the retailer to decide what you actually want. Try saving or collecting pictures of your home, like the window panel or the room detailing or the furniture you already have or planning to have, the colour of painting for the walls and every other such minute details stored in your smart phone. This way it would be like having a sample of your home tucked in your pocket all the time and would not make the mistake of making any splurges that might not fit in later on.

Always remember it is really very important to know the exact size of your home, measure everything around and note down the list of measurements and keep them stored with you. Measurement would not just include the size of the rooms but would also include doorways, window frames, hallway, chair heights, furniture and other accessories that would stand against the walls like paintings and mirrors.

Look at various images and pictures online as well as on interiors magazines and saturate an image of the kind of room you want for your home. Once you have an imaginative picture of what you want analyse them properly, so when you visit the store you will be drawn to the trends and colours that you have collected in your mind. Do not be shy to as any kind of question that pops up your mind anytime during shopping, no matter how weird it might sound in your head. The retailers have been in the business for enough time to know and understand your queries and answer them accordingly. Every shop owner and designer can help you make your home be the best and most comfortable, a heaven where your family is content and makes you proud to entertain your friends.