There are rooms in your houses which are narrow but with a touch of the right color and sized rug you can transform it to be a sunny and expensive chamber that everyone would envy. If you do have narrow rooms bring in colors and space to it by setting a green decorative rug with designs of motifs. Color the walls with hue of yellowish green and try balancing the structure and size of the room by adding in furniture that is round or curvy.


You can personalize your office room or library of your house by coloring your walls in bluish-green hue and put frames of black and white photographs to give it a very formal and aristocrat look. Add the needed amount of warmth and diligence to the room by adding in antique wooden furniture and spread out a greenish rug with varied accent colors to it.

Master bedrooms are always prime place of your house and the space you want to make the most beautiful and the most gorgeous. Try bringing in the flavor of romance to your master bedroom by painting the walls in a hue of bluish-green and buy furniture and fabrics that has the shades of blue-green in it. Like the master bedroom of Manhattan designed by Brockschmidt & Coleman add warmth to your master bedroom by hanging pictures around the wall in geometric grids and set up a needlepoint floral rug around the bed area. Also add on a little touch of feminine in it by upholstering chairs in pink, green, yellow colors and add fabrics in silk and cotton.

Your children’s room always has to be comfy and casual, a heaven where they feel safe and cozy. Try devising your girl’s bedroom by covering the walls of her room with yellow-green fabrics that has a refined matte finish. You can create another shade of warmth into the room by adding draperies of the same green hue. Anchor the entire room with a classic antique grey rug and trim the drapes, upholstery and furniture in medium brown to match the setting.

There are rooms which have excess windows and doors and then there are rooms which have no windows, if you happen to have a dark living room then try to brighten up the room by breathing in new life into with painting the walls in yellow-green shade. Heighten up excitement to the whole space by bringing in custom rugs in greenish hue or designs in green shades with variety of shapes in it. Or better still brighten the whole area with different textures and materials of varied colors of yellow, pink, lilac and purple and make the balance by complementing it with a big grey rug and painting the ceiling in a similar hue of gray.

A stately drawing room always needs essence of cheerfulness in it so try painting the walls of your drawing room in yellow-green shade and add the needed warmth into it by setting a red or brown color needlepoint rug. Pop up the space with colors here and there with yellow and gold upholstery and picture frames around the wall.