Custom rugs are hand knotted and hand tufted to your own color, design and size. You can choose any style like modern, traditional, oriental to customize your own hand made rug. You can also use your own ideas to customize your own handmade rug.

Sometime it is difficult to find a rug according to your expectation so you can customize the rug according to your interior theme. It is really easy to customize your own rug, just send your design details and details of material that you want to choose and we will send you a swatch of the rug within 10 days. After approval we will send your rug within 4 to 8 weeks. Time may vary according to rug size.

A custom made rug can be manufacture in any size and shape. You can also customize a rug for a nonstandard size space. We mostly offer rug in square, rectangle, oval and round shapes. If you want to get some ideas about rug selection so you can see some designs in our design library.

We manufactures rug through various materials like wool, jute, silk, polyester and we also use combination of these materials upon custom requirement.

Since we have 30 years of experience in designing our own rugs and custom rugs, our rug designer is a great resource for you. The design may be as simple adapting a design from an existing rug or as creative as designing a completely new rug. We have experience in both.

Our designer will help you choose colors from our extensive color palette. If you do not find the exact color, do not despair. We can match just about any shade. If you like any special effect, we can mix yarns of different colors together.

There is no extra cost for a custom rug. You will pay as much for a custom rug as for an existing rug of comparable weave and materials.