Carpets have taken a center place as the most essential focal point of your home decoration and they are becoming popular day by day because of their uniqueness and refine creativity. Today designers and homemakers around the world are bringing in distinctive textures and patterns to their home flooring with the help of carpets. When you are designing the interiors of your home, you always think that the flooring should be gorgeous and unique than the rest of the world. The best way to make your wish come true is by the use of carpets. Textured carpets are the solution to design your floor and make your home look modern as well as sophisticated.

When we talk about texture, it is essentially about the feel we get when we touch the product, be it smooth, silky, rough, patch or nubby. Everything that your room has starting with wall painting to carpets has a texture of their own and they combined together gives a textural contribution. Area rugs are produced in a way that they have an extraordinary array of textures which makes the surface enticing and gives the living space a fun filled zone. Here the question arise how are these great textured carpets created. Craftsman takes extra interest to pile these yarns and give the textural effect by knotting them in different levels for variation. The final layer of texture is given by looping and cutting the yarns. Here are a few brief methods of creating textured carpets.

Combined style- In this method of carpet creation the piles are partially cut as well as partially uncut which gives the layer a natural pattern look. This is a very old technique of textured carpet creation and so is very much durable.

Loop style– In this method the loops of the carpet are of the same height and they are knotted in a way that it gives an informal look. These types of carpets are very long lasting and the best example of such loop style carpets are Berber and Sisal. There is also a type of multi-level loop method where various loops of different heights are inserted at the carpet backing to craft an interesting dimension. The effect of this multi-level loop gives the whole surface an unique texture.

Plush style– This great method of carpet making has been in practice since ages and is best when created with velvet fabric. They are mostly premium rugs crafted with high quality fabric only. Here the piles are deep cut and piled into the smooth level surface to give the textured and patterned look.

Saxony style- This method is very much similar to the plush style and also has been in practice since historical times. The only difference in this method is that the yarn is twisted more than the plush style so that the yarns are more visible at the end product. They give a very formal look and isn’t luxurious looking like the plush.

Frieze style-In this method the yarns are twisted extremely to form the pile surface. Since they are twisted too much the layer they form gives the surface a very beautiful textured finish.


When you buy a rug though color plays the most important role but followed by it is the pattern of the rug which is important too. Patterns of the rugs are usually strong tools of décor and have limitless potential for variations. With the simple pattern of a rug you can shift the dimension of the room, define a certain area of the room and even reinforce the characteristic of a room. When you go for patterned rugs then the first thing to do is to choose the theme you want to create in the room and then plan your surface accordingly. There are various themes for carpets, like floral, stripes, abstract, geometric and modern and each of them accentuates the beauty of the room in a different way. While some would spark the embellishment instantly other might bring a slow decorative balance.

Once you select the theme of the rug and create the pattern accordingly you can go ahead with finalization of the furnishing and bring in accessories that would complement the shapes and colors of the carpet. You can also go for mix and match look but they are very tricky and perfecting them is another hard work. When you pick a pattern that has similar form or color or texture then it becomes really easy to mix the setting and perfect the look as well. Before making your final purchase always make sure that you bring in few sample pattern carpets and see how they blend in with the room setting and buy only when it looks perfect. Sometimes a carpet that looks great at the showroom might not bring the required essence to your home so be sure before investing. Check various online stores as well if you are not satisfied with the retail stores.