In market a huge variety is available of rugs from machine made to handmade. You can differentiate handmade rugs into hand tufted, hand knotted and hand loom rugs. But most of customers don’t know the difference between these handmade rugs. I am just trying to describing all these rugs.Pixellated-rug

Hand tufted rugs are made through a drill tool that is also called tufting gun. This hand tufting gun tufts the yarn into a canvas from a rug pile. The process is begins with stretching the canvas on a metal frame.  After that designer makes the design the on the canvas. After that rug maker starts to punch the yarn on the canvas through tufting gun. The process is not easy because a professional rug maker can run the tufting gun because it should be punched perfectly on the marked area. A layer of glue applied on the back of canvas to hold the yarn. A layer of fabric placed on the glue to cover it. Yarn should be smooth and soft so that tufting gun can run smoothly. Whole process is easy and less time consuming than hand knotted process.

Hand tufted rugs are most luxurious and expensive one because artisans use traditional hand knotting technique to produce the rug.

In hand knotted rugs, yarn is use as a base fiber that is wrapped around a loom. The artisans then knot the woolen yarn and knot it against the fiber with the help of a metal rod. Each knot is knotted one at a time as mapped out on a design graph. Additionally, the weaver needs to calculate and adjust for irregularities of the yarn or tightness of the knots which varies with any manual process. But rug weavers should be highly skilled to continue to make adjustments throughout the manufacturing of the rug to make sure that the end product is as close as possible to the original design. Staying true to the rug-manufacturing tradition, the yarns used in hand-knotted rugs are usually hand-spun which adds to the durability of the yarn, but also make irregularities as seen in handmade carpets. This eventually adds to the alone quality of every hand-knotted rug.