Area rugs always bring energy and vibrancy in a room and every color has its own significance in bringing the right amount of charm and light to the beauty of the room. Let’s check today how to rejuvenate your room’s setting by adding the flavor of green into it.


Paint your walls with a shade of pale gray when you want to use a green area rug as that would make the color of the rug more vibrant and eye-catchy because both the colors are cool and they perfectly balance each other. With this theme on you need to bring in other warm colors to the room like wood tones, gold, tan etc. so that the setting is rich and lively.

If you want to bring in a kind of formal setting to your room then go for rugs in green accent colors and paint the walls of the room in the same shade as of the rug. Let the room be solemn and distinguished by adding in white doors and windows. The setting would look perfect for a room which is used mostly for official purpose or a cabin as for example just try to add in a touch of warmth and comfy in it by bringing in furniture in wood tones and put in wall décor with golden picture frames.

The world is full of drama and we all love to add a touch of vibrancy and color to our rooms with little dramatic presence in it. Heighten up your dramatically sense by painting your walls with a hue of dark gray and bring in the savor of sophistication with numerous fabrics and accessories of varied shades with the combination of gray, silver and green in it. Now you might feel the whole setting to be a little loud for which you can add a touch of metallic tones in warm note like set up a hand crafted copper disk or lamps and lights made of wood. Don’t set the pattern in one corner of the room instead create movements by distributing the theme across the room adding in volume and height at one place while shapes and design in one.

If you are a nature lover and would love to bring in the naturalistic touch to the indoors of your house then go for a rug in cream and green hue. Set the rug in the room which has walls and ceiling painted in white and bring in the essence of an airy atmosphere. Don’t just focus in your green and cream rug but sprinkle some more green into the room by adding drapes and artworks in green shade across the room. If you are making the setting in your living room then make it more beautiful and actually natural with a touch of dark wood to give the feeling of nature. Slightly add few colors like metallic and warm yellow in accessories and furniture and make it look as beautiful as the tree house.