Area rugs has recently become an essential addition to the interior design of your houses and with the demand rising people far and wide are also getting concerned about how to take care of these beautiful investment. They are not just addition to the beauty of the room but sure are heirlooms that would be carried on for years to come so it is very necessary that you follow certain tips whether you have a machine made nylon rug or a custom handmade wool rug. We all know that regular cleaning is not possible but that doesn’t mean you wait till the dirt can be seen in the surface because if you wait so long then the dirt might have already reached the base and would be very difficult to remove. The places which face less traffic may require vacuuming every once a while but the areas which is prone to higher traffic should be vacuumed once a day so that it reduce soiling and help keep your rug as clean and fresh as new.


Vacuuming tips

It is very important that you vacuum your area rugs the proper way so that it has a long lasting life. When you are vacuuming see that the beater bar is adjusted properly and it is rotating fluently when it is in contact with the rug. Remember not to use any worn belt but a new one as it would reduce the effectiveness. While brushing over the rug make sure it touches tightly over the pile and not force over it so that the vacuum motor doesn’t slow down. Do not let the vacuum bag to store more than half as vacuum doesn’t work effectively when the bag is more than half full.

Tips of removing spots

  • It is normal that rugs would be prone to spots and it may occur often when there are people or children in the house. But basic strategy of any spots in your rug is that it should be cleaned instantly or else the spill would spoil the area. You sure may have a hectic schedule and getting down instantly to clean it might be a problem but the quicker you respond the better the cleaning would be. It would take only a little time when done properly and correctly or else you can take the help of a professional cleaner who is familiar to the cleaning process if the spill is big or too risky.
  • Remember if you have rugs made of wool yarn then you need to be extra careful as they need extra care when it comes to removing spills and spots. Never use heat or any kind of excessive agitation and always avoid oxygen type cleaners when you are cleaning rugs made of wool. They might work well for the rugs made of synthetic fibers but are very harsh for natural fibers.
  • When you are cleaning your rugs do not scrub them or even rub the surface but only blot them. If you want to remove the spill instantly and accidently think of scrubbing the area it would only harm the yarn and make it detangled. The surface would start getting agitated and especially if it is made of wool though the system should be followed both for nylon and wool as well.