Oriental carpets are very famous around the world for their refined touch and the creative artwork they has in it. These ancient carpets were first created in 5th century BC and have been in demand even till present. The art of Oriental carpet making started in central Asia by the nomadic tribes who had to protect themselves from the extreme cold and started using goat hairs to make carpets to put around their tents. Traditionally Oriental rugs were made and customize by women who generally pass down this amazing skill of rug making to their daughters as the generation pass by. Today the skill is no more something which is compiled top women alone by are woven by more than 750 tribal areas and villages who uses the same symbols, designs, patterns and technique that has been passed down throughout generations.

Oriental carpets are still very much in demand for people around the world but sometimes when you do not know much about its pattern and technique you end up buying a fake one or one which is not hand made by the seller claim so. It is important that you know how to evaluate its quality and we are here with a few tips that would definitely turn out to be very efficient for you.

  • First try determining the kind of Oriental carpet that you would like to purchase because technically there are two types of Oriental carpet, one being kilim which is flat woven and the other is knotted carpet. When you are looking for rugs which are less expensive but still long lasting then go for the kilim rugs, they are flexible and are woven in a way that they could be folded. These types of rugs are much recommended for cushion spreads or for bed spreads as they come without any backing and are light-weight. They turn out to be a luxurious addition to the furniture coverings, blankets, wall hangings or curtains as they are being made by soft cotton fibers. The technique used to make these rugs is a flat weaving technique which is a very old and traditional carpet weaving technique.

If you are looking for expensive and aristocratic look for your house then you should go for the hand knotted Oriental rugs as they are of higher quality and are often made of premium yarns like silk and wool. These rugs are hand woven and are very soft, they are hand woven and have generally single or double knots to form a firm backing.

  • Next try fixing up what type of carpet you would prefer for your home, whether a handmade one or a machine manufactured Oriental carpet. There are numerous types and quality of rugs that you would find in the market but if you are considering for a typical Oriental rug then you should definitely choose a handmade high quality rug because they don’t just have quality weaving but each rug has a story of its own that represents the hard work and the artistic value of the artisan who made it. Artisans around the world who make hand knotted rugs share their story and personal preferences in the rugs they make, they take months or even years to prepare one rug depending on the size and designs it has but every great artisan makes a deliberate mistake on the rug which shows its genuine along with the identity of the craftsmen.

If you are looking for rugs for a shorter period of time or one which is not of much higher quality then choose those which are commercially manufactured. These types of rugs do not just control designs but the customers can personally dictate their choices in color, styles, patterns and display they want in the rug. If you have already selected a theme for your interiors and only after completion of your house design you think of going for a rug then it is better if you go for machine made rugs as you can select and customize the rug according to your particular color palette and design.

  • After deciding the type and kind of Oriental rug you want to buy decide upon the size of the rug that you would prefer. Before you think of making the purchase measure the size of the room or the area where you want to set the rug. Consider the type and the size of room before you decide upon the size of the rug and along with it also consider the kind of setting you want in your room. The rooms like dining, hallways and entryways may not allow you to explore more on the sizing patterns as they tend to be small most of the times but in other rooms like bedroom, living room etc. you can experiment with varied other custom sizes and designs. If you have a large living room with more than one sofa you can go for various different carpet size and colors depending upon the type of furniture and arrangement that the room has. Also remember that regular traditional sized rugs always gives a formal look while oval or round shape rugs gives a casual look so consider the size as well depending upon what type of setting and environment you want to create. Remember the more sizes you consider the more types of Turkish carpets you would have to explore.

You have to understand the dimensions of Oriental rugs as these handcrafted rugs vary in sizes. The usual dimensions that the rug makers’ uses are Yastik that is 60 by 90 cm, Ceyrek which is 90 by 135cm , Kisa Yolluk which is 70 by 200cm, Karyola which 150 by 230 cm, Kelle which is 300 by 200 cm and Taban which is 6 by 6 m.

  • Now that your size, color, type and kind are set all you need to decide upon is the budget you want to spend to buy a custom Oriental rug. The prices of these rugs and their selling cost vary depending upon the quality of yarn used, the weaving technique and the design it has. They range between a few hundred dollars and several thousand dollars. The higher the quality of the rug is the more expensive it would be.