Custom area rugs are made of three techniques, one being machine made which is of least quality, then comes the hand-tufted on and then the hand-knotted which is of premium quality. Usually the hand-tufted rugs has the tag of handmade because it is half handmade and half machine made but you should always check it out before making the purchase. Though both are made with wool by hand when you look closely you will often find lots of differences in them.

Hand-knotted Rugs


You see the custom hand-knotted rugs are always made with thousands of knots which are tied together individually and the mastery and craftsmanship is refined and very genuine. It requires a lot of skill, years of practice and also patience to tie each and every knot while weaving it. Hand-knotted rugs many a times takes months and years to be completed because the craftsmen need to take minute details and follow the set pattern as well. But the best part of it is that they will last for lifelong and can be carried on in the family like family heirlooms. When prepared with wool it has easy maintenance and with top quality resilient sheep’s wool you can thoroughly clean them by soaking them in soap water and allowing the dirt to flow out.

Hand-tufted Rugs


On the other hand hand-tufted rugs are though made with hand but along with it mechanical aids are also taken that help the wool to be popped inside the rug so that the canvas is stretched and the backing is stick together with the help of glue. A person need not have years of practice and skill to make these type of rugs and moreover they do not take months or years to complete one rug. Mass production is done in hand-tufted rugs and though they are good looking but they do not last for long years. If you are prone to lots of shifts from one place to another due to work purpose and carrying them is not a task you want to presume then you should definitely go for these type of rugs or machine made as they need less maintenance and also do not last for long. Another disadvantage of such rugs is that a second backing is made on the back of the rug which makes it thick and also creates problem to immerse and thoroughly clean them. You can only surface clean them like any other carpet rugs but not soak them like the hand-knotted ones.

Oriental Hand-knotted rugs are the best of all

Oriental rugs are always better when you want to invest in some quality hand knotted rugs because these are made in the villages of Afghanistan where the weavers are trained by their senior’s generation and the culture and tradition has been passed down the family since years. Their process and quality of work is very refined and in detail, you can easily see the fineness in the work and the design, moreover they use high quality afghan sheep’s wool to weave the rugs that makes it better than any other rugs. The essence and beauty of the rug is very prominent and they will look new and charming even after being in use for 20 to 30 years. The most amazing thing about these hand-knotted oriental rugs are that you can even order them to weave a rug of your choice and design and prepare it with the little bit of personal details of yours in it as well that will help make it look more prominent for you and your family.