Since ages area rugs have been an incredible addition in transforming rooms to comfortable homes. Usually area rugs have a set standard size and are mostly crafted to be in symmetry with almost any room in the house but many a times they do not work for all the rooms. With time our taste and preferences have changed and people now build rooms that have unique features and sizes which ultimately make it difficult for any standard rug to fit in. but now with new innovation and machines coming into picture custom rugs have come handy. They are the perfect solution to your long wait of finding rugs that can transform your unique rooms to spaces that you had always dreamed of, with that perfect set of furniture and the floor being beatified with custom area rug.


Can fit anywhere

Custom rugs are made virtually to fit anywhere you want it fitted because they are tailored and weaved according to the size, colour and standard that you want specifically for your room. It’s not a matter of worry if your room is quirky, small or quadrants because it would be seamlessly created to be set and look perfect at the required space. You are no more confined to the likes of the traditional style and sizes because it can of any design, shape, stale or size that you wish it to be. Only thing that you need to do while purchasing a custom rug is to get the room and the place where you want the rug to be fitted measured by a professional so that they can pinpoint and help you find the exact pattern and size the room requires. The best benefit is that no matter how odd shaped your room is with custom rug it would look neat, flawless and symmetrical.

Colour Matching with room

When you make a custom rug you don’t just have the benefit of size but the colour as well, because you don’t have to settle for any standard colour. You can match the colour with the walls of the room where you would set it and you can match the exact colours to make it look like it was meant to be there since the start. Moreover this is a huge timesaver because you don’t have to spend days travelling to various stores finding the right hue as you would get instantly what you were waiting for.

You can customize the details

Making a custom rug is all about getting that touch of yours into it and with it tailored you can add the extension of your own personality and wants. Although colour and size is meant to be according to the setting of the room but you can always make changes and give your ideas upon the pattern, border and style according to your reflection. When you customize a rug you instantly can turn to the designer and pair elements into it with the help of the professional.

Important tip

When you go to customize a rug keep in mind that you know the exact dimension of the rug especially if your room is odd-shaped. If you are not taking the help of a professional to measure the room and fit do it multiple times yourself and remember just because your room is odd-shaped doesn’t mean that you make an odd-shaped rug as well.