Colours has always played the role of importance in everything, be it furnishing of the house, colour of the house, clothes or even while buying rugs for your home. They always play a tricky thing and every one of us has our own favourite colour around which we love to build our comfort zone. But no matter how much we love a particular colour, when it comes to implementing it in our home we have to think more than twice.Medallion Traditional Red</br>91x152 CM   (3'x5')

Many a times it so happen that are awe-stuck with the wonderful colour combination shown at the various interior design magazine and fall instantly in love with them but still at the end we find ourselves wondering what to use in our own homes and how. This is because we fear that it may not come out the way we see in the pictures, we are afraid that we would go wrong and all our efforts and money would be wasted. We don’t want to combine the wrong colours and make a blunder and then at last end up paying more than expected by changing the whole setting.

Well! Every one of us faces such disastrous moments but with a few important tips everything can be solved:

Firstly you should keep in mind what is the colour of the floor where you want to put the rugs because contrast colours look very good and what is the point of putting a red carpet over a red coloured floor if people cannot even notice you have a carpet laid down there. So go for the contrast choices, like a dark coloured rug in a light coloured floor or vice-versa. The contrast would make the area look appealing and also enhance the look of your room. The colour combination would in fact make your rug look out and make it feel like a masterpiece of art.

Next thing you need to see while buying custom rugs is that you need to experiment with the varied kind of colours in your room. If your room already has lots of different colours like the curtains and one colour, floor is another and furniture are different then go for something that would blend with everything around and yet look fabulously in place. Sometimes thinking out if the box and experimenting is also better which is why your rug should be of a colour that would tie the colour combination of the room in one setting. You can also try bringing in more colour to the room with the choice of colour rugs you bring, like a room which has mostly light colours in similar hue could bring a touch of vibrancy with a dark coloured rug. Try bringing out excitement to the space by using colours.

At last think about the atmosphere and setting you want to have before you buy the rug. Rug shapes and patterns in many ways tell a lot about the setting of the room, like an oval rug gives the room a casual setting while a square gives a formal one and along with it the colour of the rug also tells a lot about the feel. Think and imagine you want to feel you go to that room and create the atmosphere in your mind, do a little work by researching which colour would complement your vision of creation. Don’t be scared and play safe because a bright coloured area rug always looks vibrant and welcoming than a pale mundane coloured one. A coloured and something out of the blue coloured rug might be that missing piece in the setting of your room.