Rugs are a great home decor accessory which adds warmth, style and comfort to your home. Rugs come in huge variety of styles you can choose them according to their style, design, shape and colors. In market you can find rugs in same style and same color if you want to customize a rug in a unique theme so you can customize it according to your home interior requirement.

Interior designers prefer custom rugs instead of available rugs online because they can easily fit into any space apart from that they can choose rug colors and its theme according to interior requirements.

Here are few tips that you can follow when you are customize a rug on413line

Rug Design – When we buy a rug so first thing that comes into our mind that is rug design, a rug design should be according to room interior if you have colorful walls so you can go with floral patterns. If you have a light color scheme so you can choose trellis pattern, strip pattern, crossed line patterns and these patterns fits perfectly in modern home theme. If you have traditional pattern you can choose oriental designs because they are made up of different colors and you will find mostly red and blue colors in oriental rugs.

Rug Size – Before ordering a custom rug online you should take proper measurement of the area where you are going to place the rug. If you are covering the whole space then take measurement from wall to wall. If you want to place the rug in bedroom then it should be out 3 foots from the both sides. If you are placing the rug in the living room so you can put front legs of the sofa on the rug so take measurement accordingly.

Rug Shape – Rug shape plays an important role in your home decoration if you are customizing a rug for big hall so you can go with round shape and it will become the central attraction of your home.  For hallways you can choose rug in runner shape. Mostly rugs are manufactures in rectangle and square shapes but if your space is not in standard size so you can easily customize the rug according to space.

Rug material – Rugs are mostly made up of wool because wool is more durable and cost effective than other material. Apart from wool you can choose material according to your budget like silk, polyester, cotton, bamboo silk and more.

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