Winter has already knocked the door and its time when all we want to do is get cosy and warm everywhere we go. But with the temperature dropping till zero outside it is high time that we keep out indoors as warm as possible. Every morning when you wake up and touch the floor you don’t want the chill to paralyze you, you need the warmth and decorating your home with area rugs could be a great way to give you the warmth and cosiness you need during the winters.

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With winters bringing in the chill your electricity bills goes up as well because you keep the heater running all the time but what if we say that this warm area rugs act as the best insulators that can keep the heat balanced the way you want it and help you lower your energy bills as well. Yes, this is true because and especially if your floor is set over an unheated space or if there is a basement downstairs or even a garage which usually remain colder than usual.




We would like you to consider few very important factors before you head to the store to buy custom area rugs in your home:

On the very first we would like to tell you that always check the knot counts of the rug you are about to buy which means the loops and threads of yarn that is being used while weaving the rug. So if the rug has higher number of loops or knots then denser the rug would be and the better insulator it would serve. The more the knot count is the better choice it would be to keep the cold away and if you stay in an area which is cold most of the times then this is a fine choice you should go for.



Secondly you need to check the material used while making the rug. If the rug is make of synthetic then it is surely not a choice that would serve the purpose, wool is a material that you should go for as it is the best in terms of keeping the warm in your room and the temperature down. Along with being a good insulator it is also long lasting and the fabric is very soft giving you the required softness making it look more luxurious and attractive as well.

Lastly you should check the size of the rug you want to buy, consider the area where you want it and the spaces or rooms which are more visited and would definitely require a rug. It is obvious that the more bigly the rug is or the more floor space it would cover the more warm the room would be providing the needed warmth. In fact, if you are setting up rug because insulation is your top priority and not just beautification than you may want to cover the entire floor with rug. It is not necessary that you cover the whole floor with one single rug but you can go for multiple rugs which is basically practical and also affordable. Plus you could always use them in other areas when you want to and also set a pattern with varied choices. Also they are not just your winter investment to keep the cold away but is also a hard earned entity to enhance your home all through the seasons.