Rug pads are as essential as the rugs themselves and not just for protecting it from being slippage but it is a great solution to maintain your rug for a lifetime. Rug pads are the guards of rugs that keep it protected from its everyday wear and help preserve its softness and the needed supportive foundation which help it to be in place. You don’t need to worry about matching the size because mostly rug pads can be easily cut in the exact shape of your rug and set accordingly.

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Here are a few much known benefits of rug pads which would definitely change your mind of ignoring to buy a rug pad:

  • It help reduce the wear and tear if a rugs life
  • It can easily absorb the impact of your feet and noise which would otherwise be created
  • It can easily help you to protect your flooring maintenance and not spoil it from the scratch of the rugs back
  • It will prevent the rug from slipping and keep it at its required place, especially when there are children’s around.
  • It makes your vacuuming process much easier
  • It adds a much needed layer of cushioning on the rug giving your feet more comfort along with luxurious feel.RF-8481-2.jpg

Now that you have decided to add rug pad in your wanted list it is time you know how to choose the right size rug pad. Always remember that the rug pad should be slightly smaller than the actual size of your rug so that when you put the rug over it the edges of the rug would taper to the floor and there might not be kind of mishaps like tripping off the rug while wearing a heel or any such hazard. Along with avoiding any kind of trips the rug pas would also help prevent any kind of premature wearing and curling on the edge as that’s the area which is much in contact with walking.

The foremost reason why the rug pas should be a bit smaller than the rug is because the pad shouldn’t be seen; it should be about an inch or half smaller than the rug on all sides. So for example if your rug size is 8’*10’ then the size of your rug pad should be 7’10” * 9’10”.

Remember to choose a pad which has a thick polyester fabric with coated adhesive when you want a rug to be placed over a carpet as that would avoid the colour bleeding of darker shade rugs to the lighter coloured carpets. When you are about to put your rugs over a hard flooring like tiles, laminate or hardwood always choose a rug pad which has non slippery coating on one side of it. Put the non-slippery side faced towards the hard surface to insure that the rug doesn’t slip and slide from its place causing unwanted tripping or falling.