The rugs though apparently are used to similar reasons most of the time the shape and size of it might differ in a lot of way from room to room. So, we are here to help you with some necessary tips to find the right one for the right room.


Rugs come first and then the room design At the very first we would tell you why it is important that you carpet your home. The fact is rugs are not practically just cushions that would provide your flooring the much needed comfort and warmth but they are also enhances that provide an artistic value and beauty to you room. It could be easily said to be an artwork on the floor and when it comes to artwork it is really a very difficult task for the homeowner to decide what should be the right size so that it doesn’t engulf the whole room but create an artistic and well-balanced space as well.

So professionals advises that you should always consider going for the carpet first and then matching with its hue and style, paint the room according to the theme.  And this is not just for the paintings on the wall but you can also throw pillows and wall arts to complete the décor of the room and make it look well-balanced. The most important thing that you need to follow here is that the size of the rug should be minimum six inches and should not be more than two feet’s away from the wall. But this is not all, if you are about to consider different kind of shapes, size, design and shapes then there are other factors which come into picture as well.


Custom rugs according to room If you are buying a rug for your home office room then consider both the desk and the chair which would be upon it as they should not just fit over the rug but there should be spaces outside of it as well plus create a unique space of its own as well. It should be placed in such a way that when you sit on your desk and work you should feel comfortable working plus as per practicality, you shouldn’t end up tripping while moving your chair. Designer Mahmud Jafri says that the width of the rug should either be in sync with the door space or it should be a few inches less but it should neither be too long nor too short. When you think of setting s round rug in a larger sized room always put in under the light fixture so that it looks more appealing. Placing a runway at the hallways should be very proper, the space in both side should be equal and not one side bigger while the other smaller. Also re-consider your opinion of placing furniture at the hallway because if there is any then you should better keep it off the rug.

Custom rugs for larger rooms Area rugs or carpets should always be used as a focal point of the room so the rugs should be big and wide enough that you can place the furniture atop it. But if your living room is big with two furniture sets then go for customized rugs to create the balance and also two separate living areas. But if you have a round sofa with the coffee table in the middle go for a bigger carpet so that it extends beyond the coffee table and cover at least the front set of sofas. You can always for carpets on similar lines for more formal look like a round for round. When placing it under a couch it should be of similar length as the couch or a bit longer and try placing the whole setting in a way that it would not overwhelm the space.

Patterns, designs and settings If you have a smaller room and want it to look bigger than you should choose bold patterns on your carpet with abstract designs in it or with lots of layers and colours in it. A room would obviously have furniture in it but select a rug which is smaller in size so that you don’t have to put the furniture above the design and disturb the balance. When placing a rug in your bedroom fit thru g in a way that there is at least more than two feet space on the side which open out so that it looks cosy and homely.