As technology is moving fast demand of home office is increasing because people love to do work at home. They just need a laptop to start the work but the environment should be like an office so you can work without distraction. For that you have to make working area in your home that should be dedicated to your work place. You need a table, chair and a laptop to start work but a rug also can be useful to make your space more comfortable.asgggs
Most of the homes have already installed the rugs but may every rug not suitable for working area. So here I am sharing some useful tips to make your home office standout!
Low pile rug – For offices we recommend low pile rug because on a low pile rug chairs easily move and low pile provides easy movement to wheels of chairs. Or you can easily move heavy furniture on low pile carpets.
Berber rugs in looped styles are ideas for homes because they have lower profile than cut pile rugs. We suggest choosing a rug that should have all loops with same size so that it can avoid snagging. Most cut and loop designs feature short cut fibers paired with little, tight loops. Often, the position of the loop forms a pattern within the carpet.
Commercial rugs are designed specially to be used in workplace environments. Whereas they’re clearly in gear towards offices which will receive high volumes of traffic, they will still be nice rug selections for home offices. Commercial carpets are usually either terribly short cut-pile carpets, or low-profile level loop designs.
Many looped commercial rugs have protection against “sliding” – when a pull in one loop causes subsequent loops in the same row to also pull loose. Slipping occurs because the carpet was essentially stitched in a straight line, so when one loop is pulled, it pulls the next loop in line.
Unless you run highly sophisticated and complex technology and machinery in your home office, you likely do not require a rug with enhanced anti-static properties. The anti-static treatment found in most rugs should suffice. Heavy-grade commercial carpets, designed for institutional settings such as healthcare and laboratories, offer increased static protection.
No matter what style of rug you select for your home office, be sure to put a comfortable rug under your chair, to prevent damage from the chair rolling across the surface of the carpet. Also, consider choosing a color that complements the decor of the rest of your home, for continuity.