You will find area rugs in varied styles that would go perfectly well with the décor of your home and enhance your space. There are standard custom rugs which are traditional rugs and are often rectangular shaped and then there are customized rugs in unique and different shapes. The customized rugs which come in varied shapes are usually one with fringed edges and they come in varied designs, color and patterns. The traditional oriental rugs are usually hand knotted and are made of wool or silk fibers and are mostly pieces carried on as family heirlooms. They are usually unique from one another as hand knotted rugs are made one at a time and the style, pattern and design do not match with other rugs.

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Persian rugs are usually very costly as they are premium rugs that come with central medallion frames and have intricate borders. They turn out to be very much perfect for a formal setting in dining rooms, living rooms, office rooms or sitting areas. They add the required amount of focal point to the room beautifying it the way you want it to be.

Custom Indian rugs are usually based and made of colonial styles and they give a warm feeling which looks totally perfect in casual settings and shows an essence of traditional and country décor. They are also mostly machine made and so are very economical with precise patterns.

Dhurrie rugs are found in wide range and in varied colors and pastels as they are very economical. They have solid features and have textured borders without fringes. They are perfect for dining table room or in a foyer as they are usually rectangle or large in size.


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Fibers play an important role in the type of style you want to set in your room and also the price of the rug. Choosing a fiber would also depend upon the traffic it would have after set up. There are fibers which are of short length and will shed initially and then there are those which would not fuzz or ahead but it will depend upon the budget of yours. Usually cotton, jute, sisal, wool, silk and sea grass are the natural fibers used to make the rugs and nylon, polyester and polypropylene are the synthetic fibers.

Cotton- this fiber is usually long lasting and it gives the rug a very soft touch, you can find it in varied colors and is usually very much ideal for areas with higher traffic.

Jute- It is also a natural fiber with natural coloring and also gives a soft feel but this is good only in areas with low traffic and mostly preferable to be used under furniture.

Wool- Wool is mostly used in the custom hand knotted antique rugs as it always gives a luxurious and aristocrat feeling. It makes the rug soft and thick and is strong, static resistant and resilient. It is the perfect rug to be used in areas with high traffic and though may shed in the start but is very long lasting and low maintenance.

Sea grass- This fiber is good for areas with high traffic but it should not be placed under furniture. It is low maintenance and very easy to clean though it gives a very rustic look.

Silk- Silk is mostly used for the very expensive rugs and they may be used to highlight the wool rugs. They have high luster and gives a very soft feel but they are best only in areas of low traffic.

Nylon- This is a synthetic fiber and mostly used for the machine made rugs but they are very strong and resilient. They are very much appropriate for high traffic areas and stands up under heavy furniture. They are less costly and are available in various colors. They are easy maintenance and conceal stains and soil easily.

Polyester- This is also a synthetic fiber and has the capacity to retain color clarity it is very easy to clean. It help provide a plush feel and is very much ideal to be placed for living areas.

Polypropylene- This is also a synthetic fiber and is easy to clean and best for areas with low traffic. It is best to be sued outdoors and can resist moisture and mildew.