Area rugs are accessories that adds beauty to any mundane space, they are not just covers the floor but also provide you and your family the needed warmth, comfort and style. They are the best thing when it comes to rejuvenating your empty space to something lively and exciting. With the right positioning and right shaped area rugs you can change the appearance from formal and utility prone to unique and casual. While any normal standard rugs can make your room look elegant on the other hand a circular one can transform it to a cozy one. When you venture into the market searching for rug you will find wide number of varieties and styles but it is upon you to make the right choice depending upon the room where you want to set it.


The first few things that you need to prioritize before you purchase are that you need to check how big the area rug should be so that it fits perfectly in the room. Next what would be the style that would best suit the room and make it look more appealing, then you need to decide what color and pattern would go along with the theme of your room and most importantly what fiber you should purchase so that it serves the purpose of your use. Below I am sharing some useful tips related to rug size and it will help you to select perfect custom made rug.


The size of a rug matters a lot in the enhancement of your room so it is important that you check the dimension of your room and buy the perfect size rug that would complement the room. Moreover if you want to buy a room-sized rug it is always best that you purchase the rug first and then go for the selection of drapes, furniture and other interior features because a large size rug would purely dominate the room’s look so you need to check that everything that will be around the room should balance the appearance. But if you have already set up your room and now you only want to add a rug then you should definitely select smaller area rugs so that it would match the already existing decor of your room. Similarly along with the size you should also keep in mind that colors of the rug in many ways depicts the look and feel of the room, like a darker rug would make your room look cozy and comfy while lighter shades would make the look elegant, official and also bigger than it actually is, so if you have a smaller room but want it to appear bigger than it is than go for lighter shades and give it a formal look.

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Few pointers of the size and use of rug

  • Use scattered rugs in order to accent chairs, small tables and the shelving.
  • You can use runners in hallways or paths that has worn paths and hide them and they usually measure 2 X 8 feet
  • You can protect accent rugs in foyers and entryways to keep away dirt and moisture from entering your house along with steps
  • When you want a custom handmade rug for an oversized room get one that measure 8 X 11 feet, 9 X 2 feet, 10 X 13 feet or perhaps bigger.
  • Do measure the size of your room and get advice from an expert what should be the size of the rug so that you don’t end up with one that is poor fit.
  • Also consider factors like stain resistance, durability, maintenance along with the design and style because at the end they matters as well.


The cost of the custom made rugs differs according to the technique used to make it, the yarn used and the size. There are rugs made of synthetic materials which are of very low cost and then there are those made of wool which is very expensive. Other than the fiber used to make the rugs, the technique also determines the price of it like one which is hand-knotted will be really expensive than the one which is machine made. The bigger the size of your rug will be the bigger will be the price of it, so plan your budget accordingly.