Rugs are big investments when you buy the expensive custom rugs with quality yarn and hand knotted so it is very important that you take proper care of it day and always. You should maintain the rugs regularly by vacuuming the areas which are prone to higher traffic. Remember to clean the spills immediately before it leaves a stain on it and while cleaning never scrub or rub but blot it. If you have an antique and really expensive rug then it is recommended that you get a professional cleaner if there are any spills or spots in it.


contemporary rugs


When you have a slipper or hard floor it is better to use rug pads as it not just gives extra cushioning but also helps the rug from slipping away. Rug pads also help the color of the carpet from bleeding and spoiling the flooring. Rotate the rugs every 6-12 months to prevent it from any kind of wear and tear and also check the back of it every once a while for moths or carpet beetles.  They also help extend the life span of your rug providing extra protection from beneath and insulation.

custom area rugs


Use nonskid backing when you are using scattered rugs especially in bathrooms as it will help prevent the rug from slipping and any accidents.

When you purchase custom rugs for high traffic area or to place beneath furniture see that it is resilient as it measures how much the rug would bounce back from the pressing and weight of the furniture you place over it.

There are rugs which are especially treated to be stain resistant and this should be considered when you are going to place the rug in your child’s bedroom or even living room with children’s running around all the time.

When you place a custom rug in areas that is prone to high traffic get one which can hide away the soil easily. Select a darker color rug as it will hide the soils and would also be stain resistant, especially when there are children in the house.

I hope these tips would help you to maintain your handmade rugs. If you follow all these guidelines so you can increase the rug life.