We all always wish that our home should be the best and the most beautiful one and for that we plan always to bring only the best and the most unique things. Recently custom made area rugs has also become one important addition to the accessories we bring back home as part of the interior decoration. But remember bringing home anything and just dumping them at any corner would not lift up the required beauty of the place; you need to know things and follow certain tips as to how to make use to your expensive area rugs and enhance your space. It is not necessary that you should be bound by the rules but obviously knowing a few guidelines wouldn’t harm you anyway.  Let’s review few tips and guides that would assist you deciding the size of the rug you need to use and how it would visually affect your room.

custom modern rugs

Tip 1 – we have heard most of the times that the furniture should sit completely over the rug but in case of sofas and chairs in your living room, the rule can be bended a little. Let the front legs be upon the rug and leave the back legs off. This setting is really very advisory and works tremendously well in most situations where the customized rugs in one hand connect the furniture together and also is able to create a good proportion in the room, hence illuminating the entire space.

Tip 2- the size of the room determines a lot upon the placement of the rug, if you have a small room it is better if all legs are on the rug. Moreover a room looks more pulled together when they are planted firmly over the rug and gives the room a more organized look.

Tip 3- sometimes you may want to bring in a smaller sized rug that would fit just perfect in the corner and no furniture on top of it. It will bring in a pop pattern to your room giving it a very different look.

Tip 4- this rule has been followed since like ages and it has been one standard set-up that many use normally. Here you need to keep 8 inches of bare floor around the rug, there should be empty space between the rug edge and the perimeter of the walls and this look is totally traditional. This gives a touch of formality and looks amazingly well in rooms which are enclosed or they are separate from the rest of the house, like for example an half opens patio or library room etc.

Tip 5- this is another set-up that looks completely well to enhance your décor of the room. Here keep a few inches of space around the rug like a rug for the entire room but space around it. Though it is a very traditional way to cover the entire space with rug but with this touch of changes in it the room could be transformed modernly. So, if you do want such look to your room, get the dimension of your room correctly and buy a rug which is few inches smaller that the total area.

Tip 6- Custom contemporary rugs in bedroom make your day just start fresh and comfy everyday so when you set up a rug in your bedroom make a little adjustment this time. When you buy a rug to be set up around your bed let it be large enough to extend about 12-18 inches around your bed. This would make the rug look balanced and the rug should be big enough that it can easily be extended beyond just the side of the bed. So with the dimension clear a king sized bed should have at least 18 inches extended and a normal twin bed should have about 12 inches extended. Although if you have a big room then you can extend the rug more but do not make it less because it would not look significant and beautiful.