Some manufacturers recommend to all patterned rugs as Oriental rugs, whether they are hand knotted or made using a machine.  An original Oriental rug is a hand knotted one that is imported from either the Middle or Far East. If manufacturer says that the rug was made in Europe or America, the piece is not an Oriental rug. 6386-8x10-N-2

A true hand-knotted rug is one that has each fiber tied off.  Machine-made rugs feature fibers are held together by glue. There is a place for machine-made patterned or plain rugs, though.  They can be made more cheaply than a hand knotted rug and therefore are less expensive to the customer.  A person who wants to add the unique look of an Oriental style rug to his or her home but who does not want to spend the money required to buy a hand knotted variety can consider a more economical machine-made rug.

Benefits of a Hand knotted Rug

Why would someone want to buy a hand knotted rug? There are some very good reasons to spend the money on oriental carpets.  The hand knotted rug is better constructed and will last longer than one made by a machine.  It will be costly, but buying this type of rug is a long time investment.  You can buy a lower price rug for your home but if you will end up having to replace it sooner than if you had bought a hand knotted one, the better choice may be to buy the more expensive one in the first place.

You can expect the colors of a hand knotted rug to be more vibrant than ones used in a machine made one.  The overall effect is one that is much richer and more attractive to the eye.

Caring for a Hand knotted Rug

One aspect that customers who select a hand knotted rug should keep in mind to get the most out of their purchase is to make a point of repositioning the furniture on its surface every so often.  Shifting the furniture means varying its wear pattern and helping the entire surface look well over the long term.  If you are planning to place heavy furniture onto the rug, you should invest in some coasters to avoid leaving marks in the surface of the rug from pressure points.

If you decide that buying a custom hand knotted rug for your home is the right choice, you need to do more care.  As the rug ages, its surface will take on a shiny appearance, and this feature is considered a very attractive one that will increase the rug’s value over time. For more information you can visit –