An oriental rug adds luxury and comfort to your home. Oriental rugs are most popular in western countries from many decades. A quality oriental rug is completely hand woven or hand knotted.

Oriental rugs are mostly manufactured in Asian countries like India, Iran, Turkey, and Vietnam. People from different countries and cultures are involved in to the manufacturing of oriental rugs. These rugs can be categorized by its origins like Persian, Arabian, Anatolian, Tibetan, Chinese and Indian rugs.

There are some interesting facts about oriental rugs origin that are famous. Some interesting facts casamero has colleted:-

Brief introduction of Persian rugs

Carpet weaving is the most prominent and outstanding culture of Persia which is their mainstream earning. According to the market research, Iran exports $500 million worth of carpets each year which mostly covers up to 30 percent of whole hand woven carpet market. In Iran currently 1.2 million weavers are involved in carpet manufacturing. Iran exports oriental rugs in more than 100 countries and this is second highest demanding product of Iran after oil.

In Iran, there has been a tough competition between rug manufacturers in imitation of rugs which are cheaper than earlier rugs.

India – Kashmir Rug

India is famous for various things and Kashmir rug is one of them. Kashmir rug is purely hand knotted by Kashmiri artisans. These rugs have very unique and intricate designs and mostly you will see them with floral pattern in a variety of colors and shapes. They are mostly similar to Persian rugs, though they are not produced in Persia but artisans use Persian styles.

These rugs are mostly made out of wool and silk and sometime they mix both of them to make an art of piece. Kashmir rugs are decorative as well as investment of high value which adorns the beauty of your home for long time. There is famous dictum in Kashmir – A home is not complete if it doesn’t have a Kashmir rug.

Carpets from Afghanistan

Carpets which are produced in Afghanistan are also known as war rugs. Afghanistan is only country where you can see dry mountains and cold deserts where these intimidating rugs are produced.

Western boarder of Afghanistan is nearby Iran that’s why carpets of Afghanistan and Iran are quite similar in perspective of design and colors. Afghanistan nomadic tribes travel from one place to another. Mostly rugs are produced on their portable looms. That’s why Afghani carpets are mostly available in small size.

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