If you are looking to fill a large space and bare floors that doesn’t give a good feel right underfoot.  May be you have spent a lot of time to decorate a room but you are still not satisfied and looking for a custom made rug that can tie the whole interior together. And you want to display your own creativity on the rug to give a welcoming feel to your guests and family members.

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To involve in the custom rug process can be rewarding and interesting for you. It might be a challenge for you to hire a custom rug company who can work according to your guidelines.

As the role of Internet grown so it has become possible for homeowners and designers to search unique designs, to watch their ideas become reality in the hands of experienced weavers.

Let’s take a look at four simple tips that help to make the process easy to order a custom rug online:

1.What Rug Size Do You Need

Many designers and home owners first concentrate on design and colors rather than size. Size is equally an important factor in custom rug designing. When you imagine a design that time you should also think about its size that your design will perfectly fit into the size that you required.

A simple technique can help you to measure the space perfectly. You can use a tape and stick the tape where you want to place the rug

Remember, area rugs can create a variety of spaces within a single room, and also serve to tie together furniture. Imagine where rug will place, where people will stay and chat or maybe just relax for a moment or two.

2.What Shape Rug Do I Need

The vast majority of rugs sold every day are rectangular. Squares and circles are occasionally available, but may be difficult to find in particular patterns and colors.

If you’re in the process of decorating a square, circular, or otherwise unconventionally shaped room, consider designing a rug that matches the shape of the space.

Circular rugs can work wonders underneath dining room or kitchen tables of similar shape, or in foyers below round chandeliers.

A custom runner for a particularly long hallway or staircase can be a wonderful addition to the home, not only preserving hardwood flooring but visually uniting a series of distinct spaces.

3.How to Choose Color and Pattern for Custom Area Rugs

While some rug designers come to us with very specific requirements for color and pattern, especially when matching a rug to a room’s existing decor, there are many new homeowners who are open to the entire spectrum of possible dyes and designs.

Take some time to browse through traditional Oriental rug patterns, taking note of particular design elements and motifs that appeal to you. A sketchbook can be helpful at this point; recording general shapes is just fine, no need for architectural drafting here.

4.Get In Touch With the Manufacturer and Start a Conversation!

Although you could probably walk through the entire process of ordering a custom rug online without speaking to a human being, we always recommend giving your rug manufacturer a phone call to work out the fine details.

A custom-made hand tufted rug will likely become an unique piece, so don’t be shy when it comes to establishing a conversation with the manufacturer and their designers.

Custom Rug Online at Casamero

If you have any questions about ordering a custom rug online, please feel free to contact us here at Casamero.com. We’d be more than happy to start working on a custom rug today!